Female, 36, Tinley Park IL



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Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenYes
Sexual orientationStraight
Current OccupationRadio Personality, PR, Model/Actress, and Mom
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Reggie said:

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by my page and I'm returning the favor. I'm so happy right now because the NCAA tournament for men's basketball is here..I LOVE MARCH MADNESS and my 30th birthday is on Sunday! I'm going to enjoy being in the 20s for a few more days. LOL.

Posted 03/16/2012 02:38 am

Rebecca said:

-TV CASTING CALL- NEED A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BUT FINANCIALLY STRAPPED? Think your spouse is cheating and want proof? Need help with your child custody case? Suspect or know someone guilty of insurance fraud and need to catch him or her in the act? Pink Sneakers Productions is currently searching for Central and South Florida individuals in need of a experienced P.I. to get results. If you are fed up with your situation and desperately need a private investigator to help you and are willing to have your case documented on TV, please contact us at : [email protected] or call (407) 464-2080 (Ext. 147).

Posted 12/15/2010 02:26 pm

Betty said:

Thank you for your votes!!

Posted 10/05/2010 01:16 pm

Jim said:

There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, and wonder. Have a special Sat.!! Your vote is in.

Posted 09/18/2010 11:10 pm

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