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April said:

Soothing Sat. Votes r n

Posted 10/18/2008 01:36 am

Patty said:

Hi! I might be out for awhile-in the process of moving. My votes are in for you today. I'll be back when the dust settles! Oh..and I got called for that marriage show-WooHoo! And weird, the politician show called, I emailed them my info, but haven't heard back since. Weird, b/c I think I've done a decent job at the Palin look. Oh well. C'ya soon! :)

Posted 10/18/2008 01:29 am

Kelvin said:

Daily votes in, #437, lets continue to spread the luv around by voting daily!

Posted 10/17/2008 09:52 pm

Portia said:

Friday vote pls return the favor.

Posted 10/17/2008 02:40 pm

Tassana said:

Happy Friday.....Voted :)

Posted 10/17/2008 02:26 pm

Kristen said:

Voted! :D

Posted 10/17/2008 02:46 am

April said:

whats good people i went out of town and missed a few days but i'm back for thurs votes

Posted 10/16/2008 07:32 pm

Tassana said:


Posted 10/16/2008 11:25 am

Kristen said:

Hey! Got my vote today! :]

Posted 10/16/2008 02:01 am

Tassana said:

Voted :)

Posted 10/15/2008 10:52 am

Colleen said:

I voted

Posted 10/15/2008 08:50 am

Tassana said:

Voted :) Thank-you for your support..

Posted 10/14/2008 10:51 am

Kristen said:

Voted!! :]

Posted 10/13/2008 05:56 pm

April said:

Mad voting Monday

Posted 10/13/2008 02:11 pm

renae said:

all my votes are in 4 you---hoping all ur dreams come true

Posted 10/13/2008 03:00 am

ERRIKA said:

voted for you get at me

Posted 10/13/2008 02:06 am

Kristen said:

Hey Darrell! You got my vote! :] Have a fantastic day!

Posted 10/12/2008 02:47 am

April said:


Posted 10/11/2008 10:04 pm

April said:

Happy Friday!

Posted 10/10/2008 10:28 am

Fashiondoll said:

VOTED!!! Gentlemen Start Your Engines....Which Vehicle are you Most Like?....Little Engine That Could...Herbie the Love Bug...Speed Racer...Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....Bat Mobile.

Posted 10/10/2008 07:44 am

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