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Kelvin said:

Friday votes in!

Posted 10/24/2008 04:57 pm

dee said:

voted please return the favor

Posted 10/24/2008 01:11 pm

Kristen said:

You got my vote!

Posted 10/24/2008 02:55 am

renae said:

sending the votes right to ya---hope life is treating u well

Posted 10/23/2008 10:58 pm

Christian said:

My vote is in!

Posted 10/23/2008 03:13 pm

April said:

Tag... ur it!

Posted 10/23/2008 10:37 am

Kristen said:

You got my vote!

Posted 10/23/2008 02:20 am

Kelvin said:

Showin my support with Wednesday votes!!!

Posted 10/23/2008 12:27 am

Portia said:

voted pls return the votes thanks and Good luck!!!

Posted 10/22/2008 03:07 pm

dee said:


Posted 10/22/2008 03:03 pm

Kendee said:


Posted 10/22/2008 02:27 pm

Kelvin said:

Tuesday votes in!

Posted 10/21/2008 11:36 pm

April said:

Hey guys sorry for da slacking i'm in school trying to finish my computer networking degree and homework is killing me... why can't we just read and take test lol any way i'm back with the votes...gl

Posted 10/21/2008 12:43 pm

kathy said:

Voted on this blessed Tuesday morning. As always you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Well been talking to the Osbournes Variety Show for the past few days and looks like I might be on there soon...Hopefully. On a sadder note..my baby turns 18 this Thursday and it's killing me lmao. Thank God she's a good girl and I shouldnt have to worry to much. She is signing up for casting calls Thursday and I just know she will get a call or two. Im sure she's gonna come and steal some of my friends so thanks ahead of time for supporting Me, My husband and My daughter. Yea I know we are a family with dreams and they will come true and yours will to if you never give up. Thanks for all your votes.

Posted 10/21/2008 07:17 am

Kristen said:

Voted :D

Posted 10/21/2008 02:45 am

Kelvin said:

Monday votes in, please return the love :)

Posted 10/20/2008 11:35 pm

Miquel said:

446 votes are in for monday and more to come b4 the week is done

Posted 10/20/2008 11:24 am

Kelvin said:

Sunday votes in!

Posted 10/19/2008 11:34 pm

Kristen said:

You got my vote!

Posted 10/19/2008 01:57 am

Kelvin said:

Saturday votes in, 442, please return the favor. Good luck

Posted 10/18/2008 11:34 pm

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