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Interview with John Eltringham and Jeff Marshall, Team 10 From Spike TV's Reality Series �Bullrun�

Posted on 04/09/2007

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I had the chance to sit down with Jeff and John "Team Lambo" from Spike TV's Bullrun. You can catch Bullrun Tuesday nights on Spike TV. I wanted to thank John and Jeff for their time, I had a blast talking to them both. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) How did you end up getting on Bullrun? Did you go to an open call or submit a tape? A. John: I almost did the International Bullrun in �05. In August I got an email from the Bullrun website that talked about the Reality TV Show. I applied then called Jeff and told him to be ready since I submitted his name also. John: I flew to California to party with Jeff. We sent in a audition tape with us partying in a Limo from San Francisco Bay Area Limousines. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) What's your favorite memory from being on Spike TV's Bullrun? A. John, the overall experience and the people we met. We are all a bunch of car lovers with common interests. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Was there anything about the Bullrun experience that you weren't expecting besides hitting the Raccoon? A. John: That thing was loud when we hit it. It seemed to come out of nowhere and scared the shit out of us. Out of nowhere "Kaboom!, it hit the direct center of the car. Q. Mark: Any Mechanical damage to the car? A. John: More cosmetic damage than anything Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Jeff, As viewers we all heard you say you probably had 50,000K worth of damage to your car. How much damage did you really end up with on the Lamborghini? A. Jeff: I spent 11K on a new clutch and 2K on tires. You didn't get to see half the time when we did burnouts because of all of the editing. I did one in Alameda for 2-3 min and smoked the tires off the car. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) You drove your Lamborghini. Were you happy with it or would you have preferred a different car for the 2007 Bullrun? A. John: We were happy, but we did offer Spike other cars such as my 1993 Ferrari 512 TR and 1991 Porsche 911 turbo. Jeff: We also offered my Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. I was happy with the Lamborghini; my car is one of 50. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) You skipped the final challenge. Had you had enough damage to your car or did you have a feeling this might be it for you guys and just wanted to keep the damage to your car at a minimum? A. Jeff: The reality is, they take us on a trial run of the challenge and the stunt guy shows us what is going to happen. I was in front seat and when we hit the pads we would have to run over in the Lambo. I knew my car would not be able to drive over it and that the pads would most likely damage the bottom of the car. My car is all carbon fiber, and ropes would have gone through the car. John: When we saw the pad and rope it could have destroyed the car. There is a point when it is realistic to stop the damage. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) From the viewers perspective it appeared there was an old school vs. new school thing going on like the Charger/Mustang guys vs. Lamborghini/Lotus. It seemed the old schoolers looked to beat out the Lamborghini and so on. Was there something like this going on? A. John: I think it was all hype for the show. After the first day we saw what was going on and what the reality is in a reality show. Everyone was very well liked. Everyone got along great and you didn't get to see this on the show. John: In Seattle, we helped the Lotus team out since I am from WA. We didn't have much rivalry. Jeff: After they saw the way I drove my car, everyone had respect for me. Everyone thought I was some rich prick that left my car in garage. They respected me for doing what I did. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Which car other than your own was your favorite? A. Jeff: The Charger, that thing was bad ass. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) What was your top speed? A. Jeff: Fast. View the first episode and watch me pass 8 cars. John: I am a lawyer and I was able to find some legal driving loopholes. Off camera I was nicknamed "loophole". Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Do you have any Bullrun regrets? A. Jeff/John: Absolutely nothing Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Would you do it again? A. Jeff: I would do it again tomorrow. We were burned out at the end, we were exhausted. We got 3 hours of sleep. After the show I went to Alabama to visit Rich and Phil who drove the Mustang. �����������- John Eltringham and Jeff Marshall � 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago John and Jeff are "in the money," with a combined net worth of over $4.5 million. John is lawyer based in Woodinville, WA who prides himself on his talent for getting people out of very high speed speeding tickets. Jeff, based in Newark, CA, made his first million by the age of 24 and is the co-founder of Platinum Group Real Properties, Inc. The two met at a birthday party in 2005 and bonded over their love of expensive cars � between the two of them, they have owned and modified over 60 cars. They currently have plans to start a new company together next year that obtains land, builds homes on it and then sells it. Jeff has also started a t-shirt company, Felony-Inc.com and NewSequim.com, a new home and construction company based in Sequim, WA. The early villains in this competition, Jeff and John are extremely confident that their beloved and enhanced Lamborghini - redone with 648hp, new K&N air filters, a redone top end, polished intake, larger injectors, straight exhaust sans a muffler, remapped computer and a rare 40th Anniversary Verde Artemis paint job � will leave the other teams in the dust.

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