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Interview With Team 6 (Phill/Rich) From Spike TV's Bullrun

Posted on 04/04/2007

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Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) How did you end up getting on Bullrun? Did you go to an open call or submit a tape? A. Phil/Rich: We started by making a tape and sending it in. They called us, we flew out to Hollywood, and met with the Casting Director and Producers. The day we interviewed, the executive producer came to our room and basically hinted that we made it on the show. By the time our plane landed at home, they had called us and requested pictures of all four of our cars. We first sent in a '69 Dodge which they wanted us to paint so we passed and stuck with the Mustang. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) What's your favorite memory from being on Spike TV's Bullrun? A. Phil/Rich: The people we met. Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Was there anything about the Bullrun experience that you weren't expecting? A. Phil/Rich: We expected anything and everything to happen. The thing that surprised us the most were the challenges that we had to engage in and the toll it took on all of our cars. We were told to expect typical road hazards. Q. Mark: Like the raccoon that ran in front of Team 10's (Jeff/John) Lamborghini Murcielago? A. Phil/Rich: Exactly, the raccoon was a typical road hazard. We did not expect the wear and tear on the paint job caused by the challenges such as running into the light polls. Q. Mark (Realitywanted.com) You drove a '65 Mustang. Were you happy with it or would you have preferred a different car for the 2007 Bullrun? A. Phil/Rich: They told us to take the '65 Mustang but we wanted to take another car. We offered 4 different cars to take but they wanted the '65 Mustang since it was better suited for the show. They wanted what cars enthusiast would like to see. I have another Mustang that is built for this type of run. Q. Mark (Realitywanted.com) Any damage to the car? A. Phil/Rich: Nothing besides the boulder in the road that busted up the rear end. Q. Mark (Realitywanted.com) How were the cameras following you, was that hard to get used to? A. Phil/Rich: We did not have anyone in the car besides ourselves. We did have chase cars with cams and helicopters that filmed the race. At times, the chase cars and camera crews did block some of the cars in. It did take time to get used to the cameras in the chase cars. We ended up knocking the windshield cameras off several times. Q. Mark (Realitywanted.com) Which car other than your own was your favorite? A. Phil/Rich: The Charger is sharp, a classic and awesome car with a great paint job. We also loved the Trans Am. Q. Mark (Realitywanted.com) What was your top speed? A. Phil/Rich: We were only allowed to go 5 miles over the speed limit at anytime. Anything over 5 resulted in a deduction. Our chase cars would radio into us if we were over 5. On the first episode we did not have chase cars but we were tracked by GPS. You may have noticed that Lamborghini went over 100 MPH and passed several other racers. Afterwards, they brought in extra cams and chase cars to make sure we stayed within the speed limit. We were all full of adrenaline. Q. Mark (Realitywanted.com) Do you have any Bullrun regrets? A. Phil/Rich: We can always look back and analyze what we could have done. If we had a bigger, better car, but you never know. We don't regret anything. Q. Mark (Realitywanted.com) Would you do it again? A. Phil/Rich: Yes, we would do it tomorrow.

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