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Female, hollywood FL



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Current OccupationComedian / host/ director/actor/reality Tv star
Previous Job 1Actor/reality tv star/comedian mother of 6 [Arts/Entertainment/Publishing] (2011 - 2015)
Previous Job 2PERSONAL APPEARANCES [Advertising/Public Relations]
Previous Job 3Comedian/ tv host and public personality [Arts/Entertainment/Publishing]
EducationHigh School
Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenYes
Sexual orientationStraight
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Michael said:

Wednesday votes! God bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 10/17/2018 10:42 am

Michael said:

Lacey is baaaaaaaaaack! Thursday votes! God bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 09/13/2018 11:40 am

Michael said:

Thursday votes! God bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 01/04/2018 11:00 am

Michael said:

Thursday votes! God bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 01/04/2018 11:00 am

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About Me

Acting/Talent Experience:
Call me Lacey Wildd The million dollar human barbie or aka ghostbusty I have been in the Entertainment biz ,most of my life. I l have been working on my own life story documentary as the true life syory of the human barbie doll. Have modeled and danced. I would love to do a reality tv show. I have a larger than life personality.I always draw. a crowd.I'm use to the stare and whipers.I can handle drama it follows me! I'm tough and rough around the edges but sweet and tons of fun!
Am I affiliated with unions?:
A major event in my life was:
Biggest moment of my life was becoming. A mother as teen. 2 xs and losing my sister at a young age I moved out of my home town, because I was called. The witch. Due to being claravoyant .
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