New TV Show Casting: Passionate Latina Moms

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Posted On:01/04/2013  
Closing On:01/13/2013
Company:Dam Legacy Entertainment

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

Do your friends describe you as a HOT Latina mom...even go so far to call you the real life Sofia Vegara?

New TV Show is now searching for hot blooded, passionate, attractive, Latina moms that have effectively raised successful children through real life, old-school Latin traditions.

It's a tough job being a mom. Being a tough mom makes a kid into a functioning young adult. Looking for moms who aren't afraid to be strict, have solid rules, and who are unaffected by the whisperings, and judgment of other moms and dads.

Looking for Latina Moms who stand behind their parenting style 100%, and who will stand up and show us how it's done! These days there are too many excuses, too much whining, too much 'hurt feelings'...its a real hard world out there...but it can be a lot easier if you were raised right. I want Moms who raised their kids right!! And who can talk the talk of the walk they walked!

Requirements: Real Latina Moms who are as big and brash and full of confidence in their parenting style! Should have at least on kid in his/her 20's

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