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Interview With John E. The First Eliminated Geek From The CW’s Beauty And The Geek 5

Posted on 03/14/2008 by RealityWanted in Beauty and The Geek and Cast Interviews

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I spoke with John E yesterday., the first Geek eliminated of Beauty And The Geek season 5.  I found out John lives about 20 minutes from our office so we plan on meeting up with him, Cara and other cast members at next weeks Beauty And The Geek viewing party in Scottsdale. Here is what John had to say about his four days locked up in the mansion.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: John E., thanks for taking the time to speak with us today.  To start things off can you let viewers know how you became involved with the show?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: It’s a funny story, it was the middle of the day and a friend called me after he saw a casting call on TV about Beauty and The Geek, when he called and told me I should try out I hung up on him. Later I met up with a couple of friends who convinced me to go to the open call. I didn’t care how far I would go in the casting call process, I just wanted to have fun with it and I had an absolute blast during the process. At first I thought it would be demeaning but friends said I would hang out with nine hot girls in a mansion and it sounded like a great idea.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Had you watched prior seasons?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: I don’t have a TV at home so I really never watch much TV. I had heard about the show but I never actually watched it. After I got into the process I rented prior seasons and really appreciated the show and what it did for the beauties and the geeks.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: How long were you there before you were eliminated?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: I was there about four days.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: What about the twist that was thrown at you guys this season. Were the geeks and beauties shocked and unhappy that they would not be partnered with one another?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: I was sitting there initially thinking oh crap. All the guys were looking around thinking we would have no interaction with the girls. We thought the season was going to suck but then I thought OK, I can’t change this but lets figure out how to bring everyone together. I really did try and come up with activities to bring us together and I feel I accomplished that while I was there.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: How do you think you were portrayed?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: I do feel good about it, I was disappointed at the end when it looked like I was passing out. I did wonder what character they were going to shape me into. After thinking about it long and hard I came to the conclusions that any press is good press.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: When the beauties chose the 5 geeks to go into the elimination room they gave a reason why they put each one of you up. What reason did they give you and do you agree?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: They said I was not geeky enough and some of the others guys needed more help. I am very happy some of the guys got the chance to transform and expand their horizons. I gained confidence and made a lot of new friends.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: What about Tommy? The ladies felt he didn’t need to be there as much as others and from the upcoming previews it looks like he does rather well with the ladies. Last night one of the beauties said she thought Tommy is dateable, was he “geek” material?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: Tommy and I were actually pretty good friends. He has a great personality and is funny. He really is much farther along than many of the guys. I think Tommy and I dominated over some of the other guys when it came to leadership and so on. The girls felt this way and some of the guys did also, some of the guys became jealous about his interaction with the girls. I feel like a lot of the guys wished Tommy wasn’t there so they would get more attention from the girls.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: So we saw you have trouble standing after Mike Richards let you know you had been cut, what happened?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: I know why it was important to show that part but I felt dizzy based on lack of sleep, low blood sugar and the whole day hit me at once. I was disappointed they did show that part but I know it’s good for TV. It wasn’t mainly emotional it was mainly physical and the final hit was knowing I got kicked out of the house for good.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: There are some great looking girls on the season, anyone stand out in your mind?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: Tara and Cara were the two I felt were the most gorgeous of the group, I have a thing for brunettes. Cara has a great personality, we clicked and hit it off. Cara and I are good friends and we hang out in town quite a lot.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: What had you hoped to change about yourself while taking part in this social experiment?

A. John E., Beauty And The Geek 5: The whole show is about change. I already had an advantage since I have friends helping me with clothing choices, but this show is about more than clothes and shoes. I didn’t get a makeover on the show so I went out and got my own when I got home. I never had a lot of luck with women and know you can’t talk with them like you do with guys. The one thing I took away was now knowing girls appreciate confidence. You’re not going to impress them by telling them you don’t have luck with women, they want someone who can stand like a man and not get intimidated  by there beauty.

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