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Dr. Terry Durbow Hosts “License to Kill” Premiering June 23

Posted on 06/19/2019 by RealityWanted and General News

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Oxygen announced its new crime series, "License to Kill" premiering June 23rd will be hosted by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow. The series investigates the jaw-dropping accounts of patients of murderous doctors, nurses and medical professionals.


"Told from the perspective of victims, families, colleagues and law enforcement, each episode of "License to Kill" exposes what happens when the hands that should heal are used to cause harm on patients at the most vulnerable times," says the Oxygen press release. "Whether these doctors spiraled out of control over money, jealousy, power or from mental breakdown, viewers will get a look inside these killers' minds who lost sight of their Hippocratic Oath and used their practice for evil, leaving their patients sick, injured, paralyzed or even dead."


Each episode of the series chronicles the stories of the patients and how law enforcement and authorities put a stop to the malpractice of the medical professionals before someone else was a victim.


The new series "License to Kill" premieres Sunday, June 23 at 7 pm ET on Oxygen. View a sneak peek trailer of the upcoming season below.





Photo credit: Oxygen Media



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