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Flipping Out Season 10 Premiere: What Will Jeff Do? Episode Recap

Posted on 08/22/2017 by RealityWanted in Flipping Out and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Everyone knows Jeff has a sharp tongue, and while it seems to be more of a dagger in this episode, it seems that this is nothing compared to what is coming after the baby is born.

The baby is due in about 3 weeks, and Jeff's house isn't complete. Who doesn't love a little reno stress along with baby stress? So while there's construction, there is also anticipation about the impending birth, which happens to be via surrogate, about 8 hours away in Northern California. Not only is Gage, Jeff's husband, obviously anxious about missing the birth, but Jeff is also trying his hardest ti dig at everyone in the office. Just to keep busy it seems. Some people nest, some people harass others... to each his own.

Jeff's staff still consists of house manager Zoila who sleeps at his house 3 nights per week and has 4 days off a week (can I apply for this job??), alumni Jenny, husband Gage, part-time Megan, Taylor, and Vanina.

It is obvious that Jeff and Gage cannot keep working the same hours once the baby arrives, so to prepare their staff and clients, they have decided to do less project management and stick to strictly design. But while they are taking fewer clients, they are accepting bigger budgets in places like billionaire row in Newport Beach.

To keep his quips quick, Jeff has almost made it a sport to poke at Gage but has also turned his attention to Vanina. We all know Jeff like to helicopter each staff member, but when he berates Vanina's work to part-time Megan, Vanina is reduced to tears. His frustrating ways rocked her to her core and Vanina sobs while telling him that she can no longer handle this job emotionally. It would appear that he is not willing to accept the resignation, but it doesn't seem like Vanina can let this fight go. This is what having a girl is like, Jeff... so prepare yourself for way more tears and hurt feelings than Vanina is giving you.

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo


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