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'RHONY': A Bronx Tale Episode Recap

Posted on 06/29/2017 by RealityWanted in The Real Housewives and General News

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When you take the Housewives out of Manhattan, they end up eating brick oven pizza in the Bronx talking about a ski trip to Vermont. Because nothing screams, 'I want to get away from the ladies-who-lunch demographic' than having a ladies lunch... to gossip and plan fancy trips. Everyone has forgotten that Dorinda does the Bronx VERY well, though. Especially when she's still hungover from the night before yet drinking wine. When Ramona is brought up, Bethenny lets her lips a little loose. But it's Dorinda who flies off the handle, hilariously, when Sonja accuses Dorinda of wanting a part of Ramona's Tipsy Girl alcohol business. Yeah... the one that's almost identical to Bethenny's Skinny Girl brand. "Clip.... CLIP!" says Dorinda to Sonja while also talking about her lady bush and screaming "hostess with the mostest". Um, what?

So, off they go to a private ski chalet in Vermont. Even Ramona is included! But that means hissy fits about bottled water and perfect rooms with double vanities and a bath tub. LuAnn may be even more bratty than Ramona and Sonja, however. She was expecting a grand suite because she had just gotten married. But, um, she didn't bring her husband sooooo... having a husband means you get a nicer room? AND, she's also upset about the private chef using her restroom. Gasp! Clutch those pearls, honey!

Things of note:

Tinsley let us join her on her visit to her therapist and disclosed that while she is anxious about the anniversary of her father's death and blames alcoholism, she is also admitting that she drinks a lot. Although, she excuses her drinking because of her inability to fall asleep due to nightmares. The, during dinner in Vermont, she sneaks cranberry juice into her glass and pretends it's wine.

Sonja doesn't understand LuAnn's boundaries and continues to discuss the amount of partners her new husband has had. The conversation was regarding LuAnn's friendship with Dorinda and Sonja trying to explain that although the two met ten years ago, that doesn't necessarily mean they know each other well. Like they would if, say, LuAnn and Dorinda had sex with the same man.

Patrick Ecclesine/Bravo  


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