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'Dancing with the Stars': Disney Night & Another Elimination. Who went home?

Posted on 04/18/2017 by RealityWanted in Dancing with the Stars and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


It's Disney Night marking the halfway point in the season!!! Did anyone notice the young dancers at the beginning?? That would be one of our favorites, J.T.! I don't think he has grown at all but who really wants him to?

Rashad and Emma - Beauty and the Beast - Foxtrot - 32/40

Announcing who is safe and in jeopardy not even mid-way through the show. What kind of stress is this?? The first couple in jeopardy are Erika and Gleb, as well as Nick and Peta. And now Nick and Peta must dance... awkward!

Nick and Peta - Pinocchio - Jazz - 34/40 - Cutie in a cutie costume... nice shave, Nick!

Erika and Gleb - Finding Dory - Viennese Waltz - 32/40 - Erika claims she has never felt this disconnected to an audience and can't figure out where the frustration is coming from. It seemed that she really stepped it up this week. Is it too late? It would have helped her to actually show happiness at any point.

Heather and Maksim - Frozen - Jazz - 34/40 - Heather is delightful as Anna... what dance did the judges watch to warrant a low-ish score?

Bonner and Sharna - Wreck It Ralph - Tango - 30/40 - Bonner looked like he was having a blast... that's what Disney Night is all about!

More bad news, also in jeopardy tonight are: Normani and Val. So now that you're bummed... dance!

Normani and Valentin - Mulan - Paso Doble - 39/40 - How about Donny Osmond live performing "I'll Make a Man Out of You"?! He was the singing voice of Li Shang and Season 9 DWTS Champion.

David and Lindsay - Cars 3 - Jive - 29/40 - Are you as excited about Cars 3 as we are?? OMG!!! How about that world television premier of the song "Ride" by ZZ Ward... who also happens to be the performer tonight.

Nancy and Artem - Enchanted - Jazz - 36/40 - Maybe a little underwhelming but always precise. She does have technique after all.

Simone and Sasha - Moana - Contemporary -38/40 - Contemporaries always win, don't they? How could it not be amazing with "How Far I'll Go" as the song? Especially when Auli'i Cravalho is actually singing it live! Whoa.

No matter the happiness that Disney brings, we have to see someone leave. That person is: Erika. While we all had high hopes for Erika Jayne, the sweetness of DWTS just isn't her scene. Maybe if she could have stayed we would have seen her crack and open up... but now we'll never know.

Photo by: ABC/Eric McCandless


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