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'Dancing with the Stars': Most Memorable Year Night & an Elimination

Posted on 04/11/2017 by RealityWanted in Dancing with the Stars and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


The Stars get to dance to a song of their partner's choice to celebrate their most memorable year. You'd think that everyone will pick the most obvious stories their names are associated with, but not necessarily. Parenting seems to be the number one memory maker with these celebs.

Normani and Val - 2012: Her most memorable year was the year she tried out for X-Factor and met/joined Fifth Harmony - Her bandmates sing the song Val choses in a super sweet girl power moment - 32/40

Nick and Peta - 2016: When he met his fiance on The Bachelor - 30/40 ::His highest score of the season!::

Nancy and Artem - 1996: When she first became a mother in the middle of her skating tour. She also discloses her devastating struggle with having 6 miscarriages in 8 years. She then tried in-vitro fertilization and had two more children. - 33/40

Mr. T and Kim - 1995: When he was diagnosed with cancer. He thought it was a small sore on his ear but his doctor has more gutting news. His surviving led him to God. - 28/40

Heather and Alan - 2015: The year she got married. 35/40 ::Were the judges watching the same dance? She was amazing!::

David and Lindsay - 2016: When his team won the MLB World Series - 31/40

Rashad and Emma - 2006: The year he went home from college to take care of his father who had a stroke and diabetes, causing him to have his leg amputated. Rashad felt it was bigger than football. - 39/40 ::And well deserved!::

Erika and Gleb - 1989: The year she moved to NYC from Atlanta to pursue her dreams. - 30/40 ::She's so much more than her choreography gives her::

Simone and Sasha - 2000: The year she was adopted by her grandparents. Her biological mother was addicted to drugs and repeatedly in jail. - 36/40

Bonner and Sharan - 2016: When he was riding a bull and landed on his head, then the bull trampled him. He knew he was dead. Instead, he was temporarily paralyzed with several broken bones... and new faith in God. - 32/40

Sadly, even after all of the high scores, a couple must hit the bricks. In jeopardy are Mr. T and Kim, as well as Erika and Gleb. Mr. T is the one who has to go based on a combination of scores, but you can see the fear in Erika's face. We've all fallen more in love with you, T.

Photo by: ABC/Eric McCandless


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