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'Ladies of London' Season Finale: Dubai Felicia

Posted on 02/09/2017 by Elizabeth in Ladies of London and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Caroline S. is still living the penthouse life which means her 2 butlers are at her beck and call and she doesn't have to lift a finger. Next on her list is ordering more hair for the sides of her head and planning a "goodbye, fvck you" party for her friends. Or, um... herself? Also saying goodbye is Marissa who is headed to her California hometown with her family. She's not fancy on the idea but her husband is adamant that they are leaving asap. The unknowns of these sayonara's is if these two Ladies will return to LOL of next season?? A world without Caroline Stanbury?! Let us just clutch our pearls at the thought! Poor Luke (Caroline's makeup & hair artist) will be lost without her, right? In her own words, "You never know when the bitch is going to be back."

Julie gets to say adios to her daughter who is off on a trip and will head to University as soon as she gets back. This is one of those moments where Julie's buckets of tears make total sense. The question is if approaching Sophie about her gossip regarding Caroline S. to Adela will cause the frustration tears to fall, as well. The short answer is, no. Mostly because she's stirring the pot, not boiling in it. At Caroline's ciao party the women bury the hatchet and Julie is left to figure out a different quarrel. Maybe it'll be with Juliet who is incessant on taking little digs that would be funny if they were funny. But they're not. None of the other Ladies think the putdowns are humorous, either. It won't stop her from trying to be a poor man's Caroline S. 2.0.

Also of note this episode: Caroline F. has been working on her latest and greatest cookbook and the publishing company has just offered her a book deal. It's a little confusing why she's so overly excited because it isn't her first cook book. It's actually her third. Perhaps this one will be published in the UK as well as the US? That would be a huge deal wouldn't it? The Danish cookbook's demographic was only 5 million people. Between the UK and US there are 400 million people to attract.

Photo by: Ben Pruchnie/Bravo


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