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Botched by Nature: Boobs and Tubes

Posted on 09/15/2016 by Elizabeth in Botched and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


The doctors are in Chicago to eat deep dish pizza and Chicago dogs. Except Paul, who is on a partial diet of no bread and no dairy. Sounds lonely. Nonetheless they are seeing Devasha. Devasha was a preemie when she was born and because of this she had several tubes. The tubes left one of her nostrils much larger than the other. As a baby she would pull the tubes out, so the doctors tapes her nose up to prevent that from happening. Dr. Nassif says this caused pressure necrosis, witch means it eroded through the tissue and now there's scar tissue. Devasha says it effected her grossly growing up and she felt very alone. All she is looking for now is a little symmetry. The problem is that there are three parts of the nose that have to be manipulated: the skin, the internal cartilage and the internal lining. Basically it depends on her anatomy inside her nose and Dr. Nassif can't tell what's in there until he's in there. But the doctors are wiling to do the surgery. To say 'thank you', Devasha's mom gives them a deep dish pizza for the road. Paul does indulge actually... in the car... by taking off the cheese... and licking the tomato sauce.

Dr. Nassif will open up her nose, harvest cartilage from her left ear, then he'll remove the deviated bone from her septum to open up her airway, then he'll lower the tip and larger nostril. Luckily Devasha had an adequate amount of cartilage in her nose so the ear cartilage wasn't needed. But he still has to take a large composite graft from her ear. At her follow-up Dr. Nassif is thrilled with her recovery. However, he does have Doyle splints in her nose obstructing her airway because her nose was so deviated. Because of this, she won't know for a few weeks if her breathing is better. The most important thing is that her nose heals down, or else it will naturally pull back up.

Devasha's reveal is to get up on stage to read some of her writing. Her new nose has given her the confidence to be in front of an audience and she looks incredible. The doctors were right, she has a perfect profile.

In Nevada is Kendra. And Area 51, which apparently Paul knows a lot about. Hmmm. Kendra has pectus excavatum causes a chest wall concavity and now Kendra is having complications with her implants. At birth, her mother never realized that there was a deformity but during puberty it became more obvious. As an adult she got her implants because "the bigger the boobs the easier to hide" the dent in her chest. However, the implants have cause only more problems. For Dr. Dubrow to assess what's really happening he not only needs a initial consultation but a CAT scan. If the scans come back good, he feels that her pectus excavatum may not be severe and adjusting her implants will minimize the appearance of the dent.

Dr. Dubrow is going to work on Kendra in two stages. Stage 1 is to remove her implants and let her chest breathe a little. During the first surgery they find a 500 cc implant overfilled to 690 cc's, which means she was at risk for rupturing. During her second stage, Dr. Dubrow is extremely optimistic that fixing the droopiness of her natural breast will camouflage the dent. He'll do this by putting in new implants and performing a lift.

After her surgeries she can now wear the wedding dress her Grandmother bought her several years prior to renew her vows. "Mommy, you look like a princess!!!". It's true, too.


Photo by: E! Entertainment


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