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Exclusive Interview with Scot Pollard After Shocking ‘Survivor’ Elimination

Posted on 04/22/2016 by Elizabeth in Survivor and Cast Interviews

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After picking our jaws up off the floor from watching Scot Pollard face the ultimate blindside, Reality Wanted checked in with the former NBA player turned Survivor player, to see what his thoughts were after that shocking tribal.


Reality Wanted: At the start of the episode it seemed like Cydney and Tai would be on the block, so what do you think changed?


Scot: We felt pretty confident in our plan...that we could do a re-rack of basically what we did the week before with Debbie and throw enough chaos out in tribal that we would confuse them...so we weren't really thinking about who it was gonna be, as much as could we pull it off again and save our idols, or one of us gets voted out and we use the super idol.


Reality Wanted: If you were Tai's place, what would you have done?


Scot: I don't' think for a second that Tai was thinking strategy. I don't think he counted the votes. I think he was just simply reacting  'well, I'm not giving up my idol. It's already decided.'


Reality Wanted: After watching the episode, in all honesty, when Tai was thinking about it being you 3 in the finale, what do you think your chances would've been head to head with Tai?


Scot: What everybody has seen about Jason and Scot, who wouldn't want to be next to those two. That's where I think Julia is the only one playing with her head right now...going 'yeah, I'm playing both sides but I wanna sit next to people I can beat at final tribal.'


Reality Wanted: What do you think made you a big enough threat to be blindsided?


Scot: If I was such a jerk and if I was so hard to be around...then why would you vote me out? You wanna sit next to the guy that no one's gonna vote for. So apparently, either everyone in the game except for Julie [and Jason, of course] are not that smart or I actually was a nice guy and good to be around but the audience doesn't seen that.


Reality Wanted: Joe is flying under the radar every single week and it seems like he is just sailing through this game to the final. How do you think his strategies are going to pan out for him?


Scot: Uh, what strategy? [laughs]


Reality Wanted: Do you still stand by your alliance with Jason and Tai or do you wish you had played it differently?


Scot: Given the circumstances I had, I think I played it about as well as I could. I got betrayed by everybody that started with Jason, and every single person I was in an alliance with betrayed me. And I made it to the final 8, so I don't know I could've played it any better.


Reality Wanted: If you could go back and play again, what would you change if anything?


Scot:  I think I played things the best way I could, given the circumstances I had.


'Survivor' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on CBS. Check back next week for the interview with the next eliminated castaway. Is Tai going to use that Idol he just betray Scot with?


Photo by: CBS



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