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Kate Plus 8: Kate's Advice

Posted on 01/28/2016 by Elizabeth in Kate Plus 8 and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Kate is watching past episodes of their family series and she is going to give her younger self some advice. Does she regret anything? What would she change? Basically there's a lot of "mrah... wrahh... mrhahah", and "oof".

Gum. Kate has to remove gum from hair and clothing and stuffed animals. She threatens to throw the teddy bear away but here's a secret... he still has the bear and Kate admits that her bark is worse than her bite.

Toddler vomit equals lots of laundry and baths. What she learned then was the laundry room is quarantine. Easy to clean floors and a washer/dryer access right there. If she could do it over again she would build a house with a sick room.

Potty training. Kate lost her patience with the boys and their diapers.

Chocolate pudding. You know how Kate always has a craft project? How about painting yourself with pudding? She did it smart with old swimsuits and next to water. No regrets. But she does now realize that she overreacted before more than she does now. Mostly because she doesn't have the energy to care as much. Plus the messes are simpler now.

Pictures in front of the Statue of Liberty. She has no picture but it would seem that maybe hundreds of tourists do. In the clip we see her barking orders and getting frazzled but can one blame her when it seems that her children are the tourist attraction and crowds get claustrophobic. She has always said that she did the show because there was no way she could document everything on her own.

Remembering the first day of school. Taking a photo on the steps in front of the house on the first day is still a tradition.

Kate's trip off the ledge on a bungee cord. You can tell she's nervous but she's still being condescending and rude to the workers at the top of the tower. You can call her mean, but I'm sure those staffers have heard it all before. However they do get in an argument and Kate vows to email the man to apologize. She admits in this episode that she hasn't done that yet, but promises to after seeing the clip.

For some reason we are supposed to cringe at the amount of yelling Kate does at her small children. But in her defense, the kids removed a door knob and blamed each other incessantly. Any parent would be at their limit... and would certainly get loud.

The RV trip. Kate planned ahead and did microwave meals because they wouldn't have restaurants, packed several movies but the dvd player was broken, and it just goes to show how planning works in the real world. It was so frustrating Kate and some of the TLC staff and best friends (loudly) argue. But when you see the clip of the engine falling apart you can see why Kate is so short tempered. It looked a lot like a standard family vacation.

Easter egg hunting. Nothing is easy or fair. That's just the way it is.

Dessert. Kids' reactions to not getting a treat for eating their dinner are still hilarious. Even Aaden still thinks his reactions are funny. Now Kate has a cheat-sheet inside her cabinet so she knows what kid likes what food. Like school lunches... sandwich, vegetables, fruit, crunchy things, yogurt, then dessert. If you come home and your vegetables are still there but your dessert is gone, you don't get dessert in your lunch the next day. So smart! No apology needed for that one, Kate!

I think the point of this episode for Kate was to be nostalgic about her babies. The point for the audience was to judge Kate's grouchiness. In all honesty, no parent could do 8 kids any better and anyone who says they don't get short with their family/kids is lying. It sounds like she's yelling a lot, but aren't we all? As she's gotten older her patience has grown basically because she has less energy. Sounds familiar.


Photo credit: TLC


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