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Interview With Jesse Yeary From Beauty And The Geek

Posted on 10/29/2007 by RealityWanted in Beauty and The Geek and Cast Interviews

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Jesse age 26 is a Software Engineer who graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering. He enjoys playing video games, watching sci-fi shows and listening to music. In five years Jesse said he would like to be: "If fabulously wealthy, I'd like to become a professional student because there are a lot of interesting classes that I never had time to take. Plus, I would spend free time with the girl of my dreams."

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: What got you interesting in applying for Beauty and The Geek?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: I never thought about trying out since I never thought I wasn't that big a geek. My brother said I was just as geeky as the guys on the show, so when last season ended they flashed an ad to send in a tape to be on the show. After I watched my tape I said wow I am a geek.


Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Were you guys happy to see Sam and Nicole comeback from the elimination challenge?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: To be honest I wanted Luke and Katie to come back since I was closer to them.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Do you feel Sam had an advantage over the other beauties?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: Yes he had edge over the girls especially with the rocket challenge. I think he also had an advantage over the comic book challenge since just about every male, geek or otherwise, has picked up a comic.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Dave had a hard time with what Josh and Shay said about him last week regarding his lack of growth. Do you know what they meant by that and how did Dave take it?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: I thought it was hard for Dave, it's hard for anyone to hear you don't have proper growth. I know Dave took it hard but took it well and turned it into a positive.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: � RealityWanted.com: How hard was it to get those costumes together in time?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: This was like nothing a geek has done before. We were overwhelmed with material picking out colors, trying to get colors that go together, and cutting out patterns. That alone took us fours hours. Another two hours were spent trying to thread the sewing machine.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Speaking of challenges, what was the hardest challenge you took part in?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: For me it was the rap challenge since I am not used to being on stage. The second hardest was making the costume.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Did you keep up your new look after you got home?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: I am keeping up the new hairstyle but not sure if I will keep blond hair or go back to my natural color. As far as clothes I have decided not to be so thrifty in the future and buy nicer clothes. If I wear shorts Ill be sure to wear ankle socks.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Did you learn anything about yourself or the other cast from watching the last few episodes?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: Certainly, I saw a lot of things I didn't see when I was there. You don't see things said in the confessional. One thing I didn't see was how happy the teams were when I won the challenge and Will didn't.

I also had no idea there was some chemistry with Holly and Luke since they both wanted to be on one another's team.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: What did you leave behind when you went and taped the show and what did you tell your friends?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: It's so funny. When I was picked to be on the show I had to leave everything and not tell anyone besides my boss and parents where I was off to. When I came back to my job as software engineer everyone wanted to know where I had been and why my hair was blond. People were trying to figure out where I had been.. They started to guess based on my hair. I could not tell anyone till the Beauty And The Geek commercials hit the air.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: That had to be very hard, what did you tell them you had been up to?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: I said I was in LA for a good reason and you will find out September 18th. My Grandma slapped me when she found out.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Your grandma slapped you, why?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: She was mad that I was afraid to talk to girls here and that to go to LA and be on a show to talk to them.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Grandma said it best right? What was the best thing about taking part?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: I would say the absolute best part were all the people I got to meet. I made so many good friends. The challenges were also a blast. I gave my first massage, made superhero costumes, and went to comic con.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: You said you thought Luke and Holly may have had some chemistry or simply liked one another. There have been romances on prior seasons. Was there any beauty you had your eye on?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: I had a crush on one or two girls, but I never said anything, since it was never clear if they liked me beyond friendship.

Q. Mark Realitywanted.com: Can you share who these two lucky beauties are?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: I don't know what they thought so I can't say. I don't want to make things awkward.

Q. Mark � RealityWanted.com: Well maybe we will all find out if something happens. Well that's about all the time we have, do you have a myspace you can share for fans?

A. Jesse Yeary - Beauty And The Geek 4: Yes, people can find me on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/jesselyeary


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