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Interview With SPIKE TVs Ultimate Fighter Paul Georgieff

Posted on 10/22/2007 by RealityWanted in The Ultimate Fighter and Cast Interviews

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Paul Georgieff was recently eliminated from The Ultimate Fighter, but don't worry you will see him again during the finale. Paul is originally from St Paul, MN and carries a MMA record of 7-1-0. Most of his training has been with Judo and Jujitsu while studying to earn his Masters degree in Structural Engineering from The University of Wisconsin. We had the pleasure of speaking to Paul and here is what he said:

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: What originally got you involved in the MMA?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: I have trained Judo and Jujitsu at the club so I fell in love with it. My record has been pretty good; 7 and 1 record so far.

Q. Jason: Why did you try out for The Ultimate Fighter?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: I had a good track record so I figured I would try out and see what happens. Because of my background and training I thought I had a pretty good shot at getting on the show. I was up against about 600 guys trying out so it was pretty tough to get on the show.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: In last nights episode Mac Danzig really dug into Blake, do you think he went too far?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: Yeah he said some pretty hurtful stuff. The truth is that Mac really believes Blake is not at the same level so I think that is why he said everything. There were a lot of insults and I think he went too far.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Serra keeps digging into Hughes during the last few episodes. What are your thoughts about Matt Hughes?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: Funny thing is that Serra gets joy from Hughes misery. I understand why Hughes is upset, he has been doing badly and no one likes that. I think I would have learned a lot from Serra if things were reversed, I don't think I learned as much from Hughes. He taught us to work hard but really isn't that great of a technician.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Walk me through last nights fight. Hughes was upset that you did not stick with the ground game plan, what changed during the fight that kept you on your feet vs. on the ground?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: Yeah I stayed on my feet and didn't realize that he was a good puncher. I didn't realize his knock out power. I would have tapped him out if we went to the ground but I felt like I could stand toe to toe with him and never thought I was going to get knocked out.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Do you think the outcome may have been different if you had fought "War Machine"?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: I think the fight would have been a lot more ground oriented but in the end I would have swept him.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Any final words to the TUF fans?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: If you are looking to be a fighter get more mat time. I think the most important aspect is Practice! Practice! Practice! Also look for me in the finale...this time I will have my head in the game!

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: What UFC fighters have you looked to for inspiration over the years?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: The guys I look up to that I think are well rounded and have done great are Georges St-Pierre and Randy Couture.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Do you have a Myspace or a way for our fans to get in touch with you?

A. Paul Georgieff, The Ultimate Fighter: Yeah they can find me at www.myspace.com/paulgeorgieff

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