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The Amazing Race: Who Can Carry Them All?

Posted on 04/03/2015 by Elizabeth in The Amazing Race and General News

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By Jules Palton


This past week on the latest episode of the Amazing Race, the teams and couples traveled to Germany to complete their next set of challenges. Bergun and Kirk began the race of this week's competition by leaving first to catch the 13-hr flight to Germany. Upon arrival, the team members then had to take a train to pick out the proper clothes and attire to prep for an October Fest where they would all find their next clues.


Frustrated with each other at this point and struggling to find the next set of clues, some of the couples such as Jackie and Jeffrey, figured out that their biggest problem, was their lacking of communication which they eventually pulled together. After figuring out the next clue, the couples had get in their cars and find the location to the warehouse, where they had to complete the challenge by driving backwards through a Winter Wonderland that held the clues to their next and most challenging obstacle.


Many of the couples experienced car complications such as Bergun and Kirk and found out the hard way that the only way to complete the competition, was by using the car that was assigned to them. Having to take a taxi, Bergun and Kirk found themselves in dead last suffering from a 2-hour penalty due to lack of following of the rules for the competition. After learning how to drive backwards, the couples' next clue lied in a bayou of water where they had to retrieve the clue, by a paddle boat. The clue gave them the options of detouring, which would take them to the October fest, or to stock as many as 15 crates and stand on top of them to advance.


Many of the couples chose the detour and had to learn how to carry 20 steins of beer around a crowded venue of partying people without dropping them. Most of them found it very easy to complete, however, Hailey and Blaire, struggled for quite a long time, but eventually, Hailey got on board and they advanced to the next part of the competition.


The final task before heading to Lake Spitzingsee to check in after completion, was to drive to the Markus Wasmeir Museum and woo one another by singing a German tune without forgetting a key taught by them. Only if the song was sang the right way to perfection, would the couples be allowed to advance. Still behind due to the two hour penalty, the new blind date couple, Kirk and Bergun, left on bad terms because of their lack of following the rules and motivation, and did not finish the race in time to advance and were eliminated.


The Olympians, Aly and Steven, would go on to win the competition, as well as two brand new Ford Focus vehicles. With only six teams remaining, the Amazing Race, continues to keep getting better and the competition, more fierce, by the episodes.


Photo credit: CBS



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