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Interview With Rebecca And Will from Beauty And The Geek

Posted on 10/15/2007 by RealityWanted in Beauty and The Geek and Cast Interviews

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Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Why did you decide to try out for Beauty and the Geek and had you ever seen any episodes of Season one, two, or three?

A. Rebecca: A close friend told me about the casting call and I was at a point in my life where I wanted something big to happen. I had never seen any of the prior seasons but I am friends with Meghan who appeared on the show.

Q. Mark: Are you surprised at the bond and closeness you have found with your teammate and the other geeks?

A. Rebecca: Not surprised at all. I was surprised at how alike most of the beauties were. We are all so much alike and would have most likely gotten along even if we were not on the show.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Talk to me about Sam. Have you guys had a chance to talk and is there a future?

A. Rebecca: No we have not chatted yet. We e aren't allowed to talk until the finale. I do know we both hope to have something. We have briefly seen one another on the web.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Nicole had a real problem with your relationship with Sam. Was that a bit strange to see her crying on TV last night about you two?

A. Rebecca: When it happened I did know she was that upset. I thought after I apologized to her everything was OK. I had no idea it was that big of a deal. However, watching it brought a tear to my eye, and I thought "wow, we did upset her".

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What did you think when you watched Nicole talk about wanting to get you out of the house?

A. Rebecca: I was really surprised and it bothered me a bit I am happy now that I know Sam didn't set me up. I never thought she wanted me out of the house until I watched the show last night.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Last night you said you were not ready to leave for two reasons. One reason was Sam and the other was to be a better person. What did you mean by trying to be a better person?

A. Rebecca: I felt like I didn't have enough time to get to know the gentleman and this could be my fault too since I was with Sam. I didn't get to see change overs, I wanted to learn more and more about the books we had to study. There is more than beauty and fashion.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Do you have a myspace for fans to say hi?

A. Rebecca: Yes it is www.myspace.com/beccal23

Interview with Will

cw-batg4-prt-will_006791-0c6faa-116x80.jpg Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What were your initial impressions of the Beauties when you first arrived?

A. Will: I thought that they were all quite attractive.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What got you interested in applying for the show?

A. Will: I tried it out on a whim. My friends told me I would be funny on the show so I tried out and here I am. I had never seen the show before, so I had no idea what to expect.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What do you think of Sam and do you think the relationship he had with Rebecca did anything to get you nominated?

A. Will: I think I was the largest booster of that relationship in the house. I think that type of connection comes around only once in a lifetime, so when you see it grab it. Rebecca said she was upset that she was getting distracted from the game with Sam, I told her care just to care about the people not the game.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What do you think about Luke's "King Will" comments last night? He said the peasants were ready to revolt

A. Will: I had seen a tag line about the episode in a commercial, but I had no idea people were so upset with me. They said I was looking arrogant and I guess I was, but it wasn't by intent. I was oblivious and I didn't know. If I knew I would not have done it. When I watched it on TV I was like "Oh God is that me?"

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Do you think the Beauties were at a disadvantage having Sam in the rocket challenge?

A. Will: I don't know honestly. It all came down to following the instructions. Rebecca thinks he may have had some advantage since guys probably put things like this together as kids.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Do you think Erin wanted revenge and put you guys up for elimination for that reason?

A. Will: I never been a proponent for revenge,. Was Erin upset, yes. Saying she wanted revenge is not fair. If someone else had won besides Jesse, I am sure we would still have been sent to the elimination challenge.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Didn't you review 2001 a Space Odyssey with Rebecca prior to the elimination challenge? Did you want to jump in the room and yell "Open the pod bay doors


A. Will: When I was watching her in the challenge I was mainly thinking "Oh God we did not go over that information." There was so much material to review.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Are you happy you took part?

A. Will: Yes

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Myspace site you want to share?

A: Will: I don't have a myspace but I do have a livejournal account. My screen name is scifantasy




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