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Millionaire Matchmaker: Brooklyn and Amit

Posted on 03/17/2015 by Elizabeth in Millionaire Matchmaker and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Brooklyn Tankard is a 26 year old entrepreneur (Thicker Than Water) from Nashville, TN. Calls herself and her 11 year old daughter, Diamond, the oves of her life and doesn't find time for love at the moment. Her ideal man is tall, gentlemanly, and has his priorities straight. Her last relationship was over a year ago but he wasn't ambitious enough and most past lovers used her for fame or business. Patti's mission is to get her to lose the users.


Patti's hot seat mixer proves tough and Brooklyn has trouble picking who she should pick vs who should would usually pick. She goes back and forth between a fitness trainer and an IT engineer but ultimately picks Michael, the trainer. As impressed she is about his physique and strength, she's unimpressed with the amount of children he wants ("a colony... like six"). He must have felt the same way because he never called her after, even after texting back and forth. (Brooklyn has returned to Nashville and is still single. She's on the lookout for a man who's maturity matches hers.)


Amit Ram is a 33 year old wine/liquor business man from Long Island, NY. He's looking for a wife and family but can't find love in the club. His dream girl is short with dark hair and fake boobs. His previous relationship ended in divorce because she was accusing him of being with other women. Amit also admits that when he meets girls now they don't further the relationship because they feel he isn't monogamous. Patti wants him to shave and and show sincerity.


During the hot seat mixer Amit passes Patti's test and kicks the young party-girl to the curb, ultimately picking hair and makeup artist Daniella, a divorcee looking for her swolemate (your fitness soulmate). She has new boobs Amit is certain to enjoy. After their parkour date it seems that there's chemistry. But low and behold she's not attracted to his beard which is what Patti has been saying all along. (Amit is in touch with Daniella, and plans to visit her in LA. He listened to Patti and trimmed his beard. Most of it.)


Photo credit: Bravo


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