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Go behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser

Posted on 12/19/2014 by Ajay in The Biggest Loser and Cast InterviewsGeneral News

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Couldn't get enough of last night's episode? Want to know why in one shot Jen, Woody and Sonya were staring down huge waves then five minutes later were snorkeling in clam blue waters? Only someone who has been on the show would know why that might happen and it's not because they are faking it for TV to make it look scary. There is a very real reason why the shots might not match up.


Check out The Biggest Loser After Show with former Australian Biggest Loser host (me) and comedian David Zaslofski talk about last night's show. It gets a little crazy but find out what we really think of Rob and all his tears. Hear my prediction for who will win and what will happen next from someone who has been there done fat!



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