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Vanderpump Rules - The Hills are alive

Posted on 11/11/2014 by Ajay and General News

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If you loved The Hills then this is the closest you will get. This show is filled with lots of good looking spoiled brat wanna be actors/waiters running around los Angeles drinking, f$%#king, fighting and whining about life not being fair. God I feel old lol. So old I probably shouldn't even be lol'ing but in truth it is only old people who lol and yolo so maybe I should just keep emoji'ing until I can afford botox to turn back the clock. 


So, it's no surprise that Vanderpump rates way better than the Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Hills was huge and what we thought was real reality TV we later found out the actors (yes they were ALL actors) were receiving on the go scripts via text…ever wondered why they were on the phone so much? Oh yes they're young, that's what you thought cause I too struggle to have a conversation with my son face to face. He was last seen hiding behind sad and happy face emoji using Abgry Birds to tell me how he felt about being grounded for using his phone in class. Sigh. 


So Speidi, aka Heidi and Spencer are long gone and Scheanna Marie (yes the girl who slept with Brandi Glanville's husband and who wants to move on from that….like don't we all???) is now the new younger queen of reality TV and her whole TV world revolves around her. Her ex, Jax has slept with almost everyone, Scheanne Marie is getting married to a guy who looks and acts like he should be spear heading the NOH8 campaign and despite sporting a caveman like beard, Scheanna Marie is apparently not his. And everyone is fighting with everyone turning to Instagram to have an "Instafight". Huh, wonder what they kids are doing in Israel or Iraq today? Triple sigh.


I have to admit I felt a little stupid, or in fact stoopider for watching this show but I found myself getting involved and actually REALLY laughed out loud when 23 year old Carmen dumps serial cheater Jax just as he is trying to dump her. OMG I actually started to enjoy this show. 


With a little more slick editing like I saw last night I may no longer resent having to watch this show for my job and may well be cheering that The Hills are alive and well worth watching. I won't be holding my breath but kudos to Lisa Vanderpump and her woman of power stronghold on restaurants in LA with Villa Blanca, Sur and now Pump. I do love seeing women succeed. 


I'm off to Pump this weekend so will follow up with a review of the food and if Jax or Tom or Kirsten are actually serving people food or just brought in when the cameras are around.


Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo Monday nights 9/8c.


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