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Utopia: Halloween Ghoultopia

Posted on 11/02/2014 by Elizabeth in Utopia and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Usually we get to see them just living, now we see actual interviews. Are they just calling the camera to follow them to a discreet spot or are producers actually stepping foot on Utopian soil? If you watch the live feeds you'd see that SOMEONE is on Utopian soil because there's new sod. That must mean they are out of the drought and the sprinklers work again.


It's Bri's turn to rule the roost and she chooses a government based on "Love, unity and community". It's not clear whether the government experimentation isn't working or if the Utopians are just unenthused about Bri's suggestions.


Until now the Utopians have decided who leaves. The three candidates are: Aaron, Bri (for the second time), Rob. This time America gets to nominate three people to be voted out. It's a great move because not only do outsiders know more of what's actually happening because of the life feeds, but the Utopians are no longer responsible for the nominations. That means no more competition, no more alliances, no more throwing under the bus... no more popularity contests. Maybe they can start to live in unity like Bri wants. The only thing that can place the power back in the Utopian's hands is if someone leaves on their on volition. And that's exactly what happens. Bri walks out. Just walks out. Doesn't even make a peep or say goodbye. It's up to Chris to pack her belongings. How does he really feel about her leaving without as much as a high five, see ya later?


Time for a Bella self-pep-talk Bella was the the scapegoat for the group before America got to take over. But when she brings up the fact that she makes more money for the group (by selling her paintings) than any other Utopian, Rob flips again. Let her spend a few extra dollars on her organic food and leave her be. She has given all that money to the community anyways. Reward her.


Relationship updates: Mike and Dedeker are still on a break. But poly-amorous Jake the Beekeeper still visits on the regular. Remember, he's the reason Mike broke it off with Ded. And what Mike fails to remember is that there are cameras on at all times. So when Jake confronts Mike about the negative comments Mike loses his cool... again. "You know you're on tv, right?" But who cares, let's make out in Halloween makeup (Jake and Ded).


An adults only Halloween party and a Halloween fundraiser later, we are left one Utopian down once again. Mike gets some bad news from home about his mother. We've have since learned that it isn't life threatening but we wish him and his family all the best. The Utopians must decide between Shady Chef and Hot Headed Rob... but ultimately the tears flow and they vote Rob to pack up his crate and leave. He probably misses his wife, anyways. He and Hex have declared themselves besties so how will Hex handle Utopia without her right-hand man?


Next week we see more Newtopians and possibly a new romance... but remember you can watch them now online. You can also vote for who has been contributing the most.


Photo credit: FOX



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