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Utopia: Rob Proposes a Wedding

Posted on 10/13/2014 by Elizabeth in Utopia and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Last week we said goodbye to Red after the monthly Utopian cleanse. That means two Newtopians are here to chose from. Meet Cal and Katie: Cal is a 38 year old farmer and philosopher from Portland. He is leaving his farm, with 7 other people, to come to Utopia to encourage cooperation and banish competition. Katie is a single mom from Sacramento, CA with two daughters, ages 6 & 9. She is also a vegan, an animal rescuer and a topless house cleaner... and she has ginormous breasts. During their get-to-know-you pow wow Rob hits Katie with the tough questions and comes across down right cruel, questioning why she's not with her children.


Rob is president at the moment and has taken his power to a new level. He has set out rules and consequences but no one seems to be taking him seriously. After seeing dirty dishes in the sink he loses his mind on Hex, trying to say that living comes first and business second but he instead threw a hissy-fit a three year old would be proud of. Cal tries to calm the group down by singing a song and Bella digs it. President Rob and Hex have a heart-to-heart and all is forgiven, but not before she compares him to Napoleon Bonaparte. Get it? Because he's tiny... and so is Rob. Oh that's funny, Hex.


President Rob is the next to bring in a family member to visit Utopia. He asks his fiancé, Jess, to come meet his new Utopian family and also asks her to marry him in Utopia. She, and the other pioneers, all agree. Hex volunteers as wedding planner and the delegation of tasks couldn't be more perfect. Chris is play them down the aisle, Bella will make invitations, Ernesto, Cal and Josh will make a wedding arch, Aaron will make the wedding cake, Bri and Dedeker in charge of wedding favors, Kristin will take photos and Hex herself will make the rings. So THIS is what Utopia works well with.


The pioneers have been making money selling arts and jewelry online (theutopiapioneers.com). Josh has also spent his time making a work shop for anyone to use as they see fit. So, a love shack it shall be. Progress is being made but they still need a formal government. They are using everyones guiding principals from their experimental governments and making them into a constitution. They vote wether to pool their earnings or take the money for themselves. For now the incentives will stay. Hopefully they figure this out soon because the way they are going Utopia is becoming a business (not like Fox doesn't see it that way already) instead of a new society.


Now it's time to chose between farmer Cal and animal activist Katie. The consensus is that Katie needs Utopia, but Utopia needs Cal.

Next Friday we get to see Utopia's first wedding, a second birth and a visit from on of our favorite Utopians. If you can't wait until next week you can watch the 24/7 live streams at utopiatv.com. You can also follow the pioneers themselves on twitter: @UtopiaPioneer.


Photo credit: FOX


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