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Utopia: the First Vote Off

Posted on 10/06/2014 by Elizabeth in Utopia and General News

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By Ashley Thompson

Tonight is Kristen's turn to rule Utopia. She immediately makes Utopia a capitalist society stating, "I am a capitalist outside of here". There will be two categories: group businesses and private businesses. If you have a private business (i.e. Hex's jewelry, Nikki's UtopiaYoga, Bella's paintings) you get to keep 60% of your proceeds but 40% will go to the group. Hex believes this is the verge of a upper and lower class system. Rob realizes that no business = welfare. Josh thinks it's greed and Amanda thinks it will cause competition. But Kristen doesn't believe that they are capable of working together as a group. And this is exactly why the show disappoints. They are no longer "surviving". They are now obtaining all the comforts of home such as beer, pizza, laptops and internet. I understand wanting to make money, but I don't see the "new society" it's claiming to be. We do have Amanda challenging Kristen, though. But now Kristen has shady chef Aaron to cry to.

Kristen sets up a date auction for the next Utopia Experience. Auction smauction... Mike hooks up with a random guest, no money needed! I wonder what polyamorous Dedeker thinks? Duh, she'd just join in. Although, her 20 questions make her seem the itty bittiest bit insecure about it. There is one making money on the auction, though. Josh, while showing off his shorty-shorts Sunday outfit, is offered $200 for one dinner... by two men... and sweetheart Josh has absolutely no objections. That's good tv, folks.Too bad for the two guys, Rob interrupts their dinner date to announce an emergency meeting. It's clear production wants to shake things up.

After the pioneers nominated for outcasting (Red, Bella and Bri) campaign for themselves, it's time for the final vote. Josh is right, there's a reason America voted for Bri. Maybe they should take our vote into serious consideration. But it's obvious Red doesn't want to be there any longer. The basis may be that he misses his family and perhaps he's acting out/being aggressive so that the group will vote him out and he won't have to leave on his own. What you may have missed on the live feeds is Bri leaving but it's not clear why... she does, however, admit to Chris that she has experienced suicidal thoughts. All the more reason to let her go home and seek help. So who did they finally vote off? ::SPOILER ALERT:: Red. And it seems that he could not be more pleased to be heading home. One question for the Utopians left behind... what will they do for meat now? Hex and Rob still have both of their deer tags to use but we've yet to see either of them hunt. Are they even capable of hunting?

Next week we meet two Newtopians for the pioneers to chose between.

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