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Posted on 09/11/2007 by RealityWanted in Fat March

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l_1c756045ff53158177a8e956acb63c98.jpgAfter marching a total of 575 miles, six contestants walked across the finish line in our nation's capital, Washington, DC, where the group was reunited with family, friends and former Fat Marchers who were eager to see their miraculous transformation. Viewers watched as each of the remaining six participants won $40,000 each in prize money for a total of $240,000 during the season finale of the series, which aired Monday, September 10.

In the final challenge at a Woodbine, Maryland strawberry farm, Shea displayed extraordinary endurance and won the most incredible reward: top of the line in-home fitness equipment, a one-year membership to a health club and six months of private, personal training. She also got to choose another team member to receive this incredible prize. She chose Loralie, much to the surprise of her teammates.

The six winning "Fat March" contestants are:

Chantal, 35, 5'2", comedian -- A student who resides in Brookline, Massachusetts. She dreams of one day owning a pair of slim designer jeans.

Final weight after six stages: 199 lbs. Total weight lost: 51 lbs.

Jami Lyn, 30, 5'9", military wife -- A housewife who resides in Daleville, Alabama. She is the mother of three children and finds it difficult to be so much larger than her husband and the only big person in the family.

Final weight after six stages: 186 lbs. Total weight lost: 50 lbs.

Loralie, 30, 5'3", wants to have a baby -- A marketing resources expert who resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She's married and dreams of starting a big family, but her doctor demands that she lose weight first before having children.

Final weight after six stages: 185 lbs. Total weight lost: 56 lbs.

Shea, 27, 5'7", former college softball player -- A make-up/special effects artist who resides in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. She is embarrassed that she is the biggest person in the make-up trailer and her parents are worried about how her weight is affecting her health.

Final weight after six stages: 234 lbs. Total weight lost: 55 lbs.

Michael, 41, baseball coach - A lab technician who resides in Elwood, Illinois. He is married with two children and has tried every diet from A to Z.

Final weight after six stages: 239 lbs. Total weight lost: 80 lbs.

Sam, 22, 5'9", certified massage therapist - He resides in Everett, Massachusetts, is single and believes that his weight has kept him from being hired.

Final weight after six stages: 297 lbs. Total weight lost: 85 lbs.

"Fat March" was an epic, life-changing journey that began at the starting line of the Boston Marathon with 12 participants, and ended in Washington, DC. The contestants and their two charismatic fitness trainers, Steve Pfiester and Lorrie Henry, walked over 570 miles, passing through nine states, with the goal of shedding unwanted pounds and getting fit along the way in an attempt to permanently alter their lives. They competed for an initial prize pool of $1.2 million. Stressing team work, the more people who finished, the more money each person won. Each person lost $10,000 for every competitor who was eliminated or dropped out on their own.

Executive producer of "Fat March" is Nick Emmerson; co-executive producers are Julie Laughlin and Kirsty Robson. The production company is Ricochet (producers of "Supernanny"); "Fat March" is based on the British series, "Too

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