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I Wanna Marry "Harry": Twerking, Jolly Good

Posted on 06/04/2014 by Elizabeth in I Wanna Marry Harry and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


I guess part of pulling off royalty is early wake times? Kimberly is told to awaken at 6a to meet the Rolls Royce downstairs for her fancy schmancy hot air balloon date with Not Prince Harry. There's a bit of champs as well as a shooing of paparazzi in the woods. And, no, Kimberly, you aren't going to be in a rag mag... HE'S NOT HARRY! Maybe the security detail does seem real, but when you're part of a production there are tons of people around constantly and it's important that the show keep it's star heavily guarded.


Meanwhile, Jacqueline apologizes for drama, although it seems like a waste of time, and Carly tells us again that she is studying cellular molecular biology. WE GET IT, SMARTY PANTS!


In order to spend more time with some of the girls, Not Prince Harry takes Jacqueline, Maggie and Kelley boating. It's apparent he has taken no rowing lessons but the girls find it charming and immediately dismiss the lack of perfection and start grilling him about his brother. (Who said anything about a brother?) Not Harry plays along and discloses that his "brother" has recently settled down and had a baby. And of course these girls are all in. But the most amusing connection is since he has the same hair color as Prince Harry, it MUST be him! Except he's pasty white... but that's ok because he's royal! Ha!


While boating with Kelley he discusses his family life and says, "you crave privacy sometimes"... interesting choice of words, "Harry". Way to glue her to her seat. And btw, Kelley is all in. She believes with her whole heart he is Prince Harry and even believes that hitting her head on the side of the boat during a backflip is part of her story book fairytale. Oh, sweetie.


Back at the estate the girls get together for a pool party and Not Harry shows up in a panama hat similar to Prince Harry's infamous Vegas attire. None of the girls seem to notice. But they do twerk. Yep, the American girls twerk on "Prince Harry". Posh indeed.


Megan and Karina get hot tub time, and Megan stays classy by doing a smooth kiss-and-tell to the other girls, which clearly irritates Maggie who seriously needs to lay off the alcohol. It's not enough to get her into the crown suite, however.


Tonight, Not Prince Harry sends Carly home (although her mixing skills at the dj booth were impressive) and a glowing Karina gets the crown suite.


Photo courtesy of FOX



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