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My Five Wives: Hand Holding and Baby Making

Posted on 04/07/2014 by Elizabeth in My Five Wives and General News

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By Bo Sellers


Sunday night on TLC's "My Five Wives," we witnessed the family discuss hand holding, baby-making, and other "fuddy duddy" ideas held by progressive polygamist Brady Williams.

The opening scene shows the wives and Brady discussing anniversary celebrations at their weekly meeting. With the busy schedules of the family, anniversary's are rarely celebrated on the actual date. Rosemary is still owed a date from three months prior, but Nonie and Brady's anniversary is approaching and they are set for the rarity of celebrating it with an overnight on the actual day it's occurring. On Nonie and Brady's overnight, they decided they'd start trying for another baby. Twenty-five children does seem like a more reasonable number for purchasing items in bulk.

Brady grew up with a self-implemented rule where he never kissed any of his wives until they were engaged. So it's no surprise he's hesitant to let fifteen year old September, daughter of Paulie, go to dinner with an older boy and his family. Clearly Brady's dating rules are not as evolved as his ideas of the Mormon religion. September gets her date with the 11th grade prince charming and makes it home in time for her 9pm curfew.

September's recent outing has caused some inconsistencies to arrive regarding the Williams' rules of dating, so Brady held a meeting for all of the teenage children to discuss what is and shouldn't be acceptable. Most of the kids seem okay with not dating one-on-one until their eighteen, but September is insistent sixteen is a much more reasonable solution. If I were Brady, I'd be a little more concerned with Tommy's, Robyn's son's, request to know the parameters for dating outside of the species.

The episode concluded with Paulie and Rhonda, and me, shedding some tears together over some recurrent breast-health issues Rhonda is experiencing. Paulie tells Rhonda she really should heed Brady's advice and cut back on work. Hopefully it's foreshadowing for a positive outcome, but either way, I'm dehydrated from my own bawling.


Photo courtesy of TLC


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