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The X Factor Season 2: Exclusive Interview With Paige Thomas

Posted on 10/08/2012 by Todd in The X Factor and Cast Interviews

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Paige Thomas from The X Factor Season 2

by Todd Betzold


It has been a rough journey for Paige Thomas on The X Factor. During the auditions, we saw Kaci Newton mocking the single Mom as she prepared for her audition. Then in Boot Camp, there seems to be an intense battle going on between her and CeCe Frey. Will all the troubles be worth it or will Paige's dreams be cut short before the live shows start? More episodes will tell that fate, but today Paige talked with RealityWanted in an exclusive interview about the battle with CeCe, forgetting the lyrics and much more.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: What made you initially try out for The X Factor?
A. Paige: I watched the show last year and I saw they have a lot of dancing and dancers on the stage and things like that. I was looking for something along those lines because singing and dancing is something I love to do. That spiked my interest and just wanting to have something better for myself and my daughter.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: What made you choose "I'm Going Down" for your audition song?
A. Paige: There were a couple of sings I had in mind and I wanted to change them up, but I couldn't change them up the way I wanted to. That song was a song that I love to sing. It kind of felt like how I felt at the time. I was kind of going down and I wanted something to help me go up. I took the song and perceived it, not necessarily how the song is meant to be perceived, but it meant something to me but not how people would normally perceive it. So, I took that song and tried to change it.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: What was it like seeing your audition on TV?
A. Paige: It was awesome to see my audition on TV because when you're there and actually caught up in the moment, for me I didn't know what was going on. It was kind of nice to see what had happened because I didn't know. It was all just a blur. It was so surreal to have that opportunity. It was reliving the moment when I watched it, but it was almost like it was happening for the first time again. It was definitely amazing, but it was kind of weird to watch myself too (laughs).


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: During all of Boot Camp, it looks like there is an intense battle between you and CeCe. Was it as intense as it seems on TV?
A. Paige: No, it was actually that intense. I think the show did a great job at capturing the true emotions of what was going on. It's a competition for $5 million, so it gets cutthroat. CeCe and I have learned to grow and respect each other as artists, but at that moment it was definitely like that.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: You struggled with the OneRepublic song and missed some lyrics. What brought on that slipup during the battle with CeCe, maybe nerves or not knowing the song going into the performance?
A. Paige: It's a mixture of everything. I didn't know the song and its nerve wracking to know if you mess up the lyrics there is a possibility of you going home. You have all these thoughts going through your mind. It's almost harder as you get further, because there is more at stake. It's a lot for me, because it's not a $5 million contract for me. It's a $5 million contract for my daughter, for my family, for myself and everyone that said I couldn't do it. It was scary. Not only nerves, but I was exhausted when I had gotten to that point. It is hard work and you are up all the time and you're working hard and it tends to take a toll once you get so far.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: If you were to make it past Boot Camp, what mentor would you like to work with and why them?
A. Paige: I think I would be happy with any mentor, if I can get that far. Each judge has a little bit of everything that I want to be taught. Britney Spears has the performance aspect and I absolutely love her. I have been to her concerts and she can teach me that stuff. Demi Lovato has had some hard times and she's overcome them and she's a good role model and she definitely connects with her audience when she performs. I think she could teach me how to do that. L.A. and Simon are some of the biggest known producers out there. It's kind of hard to say which one I want in particular.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: What has this whole experience meant to you so far?
A. Paige: It's meant the world. It's so weird to think that I'm actually here. I've tried many things with the nursing school, being a mother and trying to sing and it hasn't worked out. It's something I can't put into words just the fact that I've gotten to Boot Camp. Not in a million years did I ever think I was going to get there. Just keep working hard with what I do and see where I can go with it.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: Anything to say to your fans out there reading this?
A. Paige: I absolutely love you guys so much. You guys mean the world to me. I'll keep working hard and I hope I'm a positive role model for you and thank you so much for the support. Keep pushing for your dreams.


The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX.


(Image courtesy of FOX)


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