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The X Factor Season 2: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 09/27/2012 by Todd in The X Factor

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The X Factor Season 2

by Todd Betzold


We have arrived at the last night of auditions for The X Factor and I could not be any happier! Boot Camp takes over next week, which I am excited for, but before we can get to that we must complete the auditions and we were left last night with Trevor Moran passed out on the floor and medics around him. Will he be able to gather the strength to audition?


The medics check out Trevor and he was dehydrated and excited, which made him pass out. They let him come on the stage later to audition and he works up the energy to do it. He performs and is full of energy and is fun to watch, but let me tell you one thing...this kid will be a drag queen later on in life! Simon said he didn't know if that was age appropriate. Simon said he owned the stage and rocked the house. Demi said he was so much fun to watch and he is too cute. Britney said she liked him a lot. He gets four yeses, even though he wasn't that great. What do you think of him?


The next singer is Owen Stuart, who is 16 years old, and he is dating a girl from New York, which is where his family just moved away from. This is ridiculous, as he says he is in love with her and looks like an idiot. He will take the $5 million prize and fly to New York to marry her. Calm it down kid! He does some rapping and he is great on stage. L.A. said he raps and sings really well. Britney said it was a really good performance, but he didn't wow her. Demi said every girl in the audience wishes they were his girlfriend right now. Simon said he really, really likes him. Britney says no, but the other judges all say yes and he is moving on.


Freddie Combs is 40 years old and used to weigh 920 pounds and almost died. Through diet and exercise, he has lost about 400 pounds and he is now here to sing for $5 million. He is large and in charge still, but you gotta root for the biggies! His wife wheels him out and he dedicates his performance to her. He brought a tear to my eye and he can sing. Can he be the next X Factor? L.A. said his voice is heavenly. Demi said it is really touching and he connected with the audience. Simon said he will back him if Freddie agrees to back himself and get his weight down where he can sing standing up. He gets four yeses and he is now determined to keep the weight loss going and stand and sing on that stage, so uplifting.


After a look at even more terrible auditions, it is time to look at Lauren Jauregi, who has a bunch of her family there to support her. She has such a seasoned voice for a 16-year-old and is so good. She is comfortable on stage and she makes you enjoy her performance. Simon said that is how you do it. L.A. said her voice is so mature and a perfect audition. Britney said she was unbelievable. Demi said she has something special to her. Simon said he likes to be surprised and she surprised him. It is four yeses and Boot Camp for her.


Jordyn Foley is up next and she is 12 years old. Pink is her signature color and sparkles. She keeps giggling and has a bunch of energy. Is it bad that I want to slap the girl? She has pigtails and needs some help. Simon said she looks like Britney when she did "Hit Me Baby One More Time." She sings a song from Annie and Simon said he hates the song. So, she has moments of being somewhat okay, but this girl needs to go on Broadway, not a recording contract. Can it be tomorrow so she will be done singing? Demi said she is too cute and she shines when she is on stage. Britney said she has an amazing voice. L.A. said she is a bundle of joy. Britney and Demi said yes. Simon said he likes her, but not for this show. L.A. said she has a theatrical voice he enjoys and it is a yes.


That's it folks. Auditions are over and we are on to Boot Camp next week. Who stood out to you this season during the auditions?

The X Factor airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX.


(Image courtesy of FOX)


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