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The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons - Episode 2 Recap

Posted on 09/27/2012 by Gina in Real World Road Rules

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The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons


by Gina Scarpa


With Wes and Lacey gone on The Challenge, only Danny and Melinda are left representing Austin and it's pretty much as awkward as you would think it would be. Both have relationships back home, neither have seen each other in years, and now they're forced to work together to win some money. Oh MTV, you love bringing people back together who should probably never be in the same room together.


A superalliance has formed between San Diego, Cancun, Vegas, and New Orleans with CJ at the helm of the ship. Marie tries to get her St. Thomas crowd to stick together but it seems like Trey can't be trusted. While Marie, Robb, and Laura are willing to work as a team, Trey looks like he's in it for himself.


In this week's challenge, "Oil Change", players wrestle in a giant pit of olive oil and the guys can hardly contain themselves - not because they're wrestling each other, but because they get to watch girls wrestle. One track minds. Each time a player wins a match, their team earns a puzzle piece. Once a team has all four pieces, they're safe and the last team to finish their puzzle will be automatically up for elimination. It's not long before superalliance figures out how to make this challenge go their way. Since the winning player in each match pairs up the next two people, they only call teams in their alliance and throw matches back and forth until they all finish. San Diego becomes the power couple and Frank is on top of the world - and super cocky about it too.


St. Thomas has no alliance so they're at the bottom of the pecking order along with Fresh Meat and Austin. The final battle ends up coming down to Melinda vs. Laura and it's Laura who pulls out a win when her team needed it most. That means Austin is headed back into the elimination round. Back at the house, Frank announces that Fresh Meat will be going in and that it'll be an Endurance challenge. How St. Thomas got out of that one is beyond me!


The night before elimination, everyone is allowed out of the house for a night at the clubs. Trey and Laura are still doin' their thing, even though they're not together, and Zach and Jonna seem like they're getting pretty serious. They both agree that they want something to continue once they leave Turkey. On the other side of the spectrum is Knight and Jemmye, as he drunkenly tries to win her back. Melinda steps in as mediator, comparing her relationship with Danny to theirs. So Danny cheated on her?


Well, since nobody from Fresh Meat wants to go into elimination, San Diego decides for them and it'll be Eric and Camila. In "Balls Out", teams have to send balls down a wire to the other side of the playing field where their opponents wait to send them right back. Whoever's side has the most balls on it at the end of five minutes loses and that losing team is Danny and Melinda. Who knows if they really had the will to work together, get it done, and stay in the competition together?


The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons
airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV.


(Image courtesy of MTV)


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