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MasterChef Season 3: Finale Part 1 Recap

Posted on 09/04/2012 by Todd in MasterChef

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MasterChef Season 3: Finale

by Todd Betzold


Three homecooks left on MasterChef and it is down to this to see who makes it to the Final Two! The homecooks take on a Mystery Box Challenge, which features a cookbook with their image on the cover. They must create a dish that reflects their journey and passion for food and in the end, one more homecook will head home!


The homecooks are back in the MasterChef Kitchen and time for the final Mystery Box Challenge. Under the box tonight is a cookbook with their picture on the front. For two, it will be a souvenir. For the other one, they will fill those pages with their recipes and it will be sold on shelves across the country. For the challenge, they will be making an entrée worthy of being in their cookbook. They have an hour to create their signature dish.


The chefs get cooking their dishes and Josh said it will be him and Christine in the final two, but then Christine said it will be her and Beck in the finals because she deserves it more. Becky butchered her fish and made too small of pieces for an entrée and Chef Ramsay said she must add to it. She decides to change her dish to a fish soup because of the error. The time runs out and it is time for the judges to taste the dishes.


Up first is Josh, who made Curried Cornish Hen with Basmati Rice. Chef Ramsay said it is beyond delicious and not too spicy, but it has the heat. Graham Elliot said high five and it is killer and so good and really smart cooking. Joe Bastianich said remarkable and it shows the best of who is as a person and a chef. Up next is Christine, who made Vermicelli Stir Fry with Seared Scallops. Joe said it really is a sweet sensation, the noodles have a great texture to them and it is really intense. Graham said it tastes incredible and the taste of the scallop shines through. Chef Ramsay said he wished she could see the dish and he wished her mother was standing next to him to taste it. Last up is Becky, who made Loup de Mer Soup with Sunchoke Puree. Joe said it is a small portion for an entrée and the fish is dry and slightly overcooked. Graham said it is seasoned well and not a cohesive dish and doesn't show her. Chef Ramsay said she has been a frontrunner, but right now she is not with a dish like that.


The judges discuss the dishes and they have ranked the dishes from first to last. The bottom dish is Becky and the best dish belongs to Christine!!! That means Josh is the second best. All the homecooks head to the MasterChef Pantry to find out what the Elimination Test is tonight. Christine will get to pick what ingredient she gets to cook with tonight and then Josh and Becky gets stuck with the last. The theme for tonight is legs and the first ingredient is leg of lamb, the second is chicken legs and the third is frog legs. Christine picks the chicken legs. Josh picks the leg of lamb and leaves the frog legs for Becky. Becky has never cooked nor eaten frog legs...this could be huge for her. They have ten minutes to shop and then head out to cook for the right to go to the finale!


The homecooks head back to the MasterChef Kitchen and they have a surprise for them and all of the other homecooks they have taken down are there to root them on from the balcony. The time starts and the homecooks get started. The pressure is on Becky because of the frog legs, but she seems very determined to get through this. Josh is cooking a dish that might take more time than the 60 minutes he is allowed, so he is going down to the wire. Lots of cheering and screams as the time runs out and time for the judges to taste the dishes!


Up first is Christine, who made Southern Fried Chicken with Creamed Kale. Chef Ramsay said it is delicious and the seasoning is absolutely perfect and he loves it and only her could glamorize the drumstick. Graham said it is delicious and cooked perfectly and he would do less of the creaminess, as did Chef Ramsay. Joe said it is quite good, crunchy and moist on the inside, but the kale is too creamy. I don't like hearing these negative comments!


Up next is Josh, who made Lamb Carimanolas with Mango Salsa, Tomato Salsa and Tomatillo Salsa. Joe said this is so risky, but it is crispy without being doughy and sauces are pure and once again he has astounded him and it is quite delicious. Graham said visually it is beautiful and nice crunch on the outside and consistent and the sauces are rocking. Chef Ramsay said it is delicious and the three sauces are very clever and his Dad would be very proud.


The last dish is Becky, who made Garlic Frog Legs with Potatoes, Mushrooms and Bitter Greens Salad. Joe said the frog is good and has nice color and moist on the inside, but the potatoes look soggy. Chef Ramsay said you nailed it and loves it, but the potatoes are soggy and the frog legs don't strike him that she never made them before. Graham said the frog legs are good, but the potatoes are like a sponge.


The judges go back and discuss the three dishes. I am so freakin' nervous because it is Christine or Becky heading home! Josh, who was sent home once already, looks like he is headed to the finale. The judges come back and the first person to the MasterChef Final is Josh (duh), so that leaves it with Christine and Becky, both deserving of going to the final. The person going to the finals with Josh is...Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freakin' excited and so happy for her, but that means Becky is heading home. Chef Ramsay said the doors to his restaurants are always open for her, which is awesome!

MasterChef airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on FOX.


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