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The Ultimate Fighter Season Five�Episode 10 Recap

Posted on 06/08/2007 by RealityWanted in The Ultimate Fighter

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Last week we saw Gray Maynard ground and pound his way through Rob Emerson, who stood pretty tough in his own right, to advance to the semi-finals of The Ultimate Fighter tournament. This week we get two fights: Nate Diaz v. Corey Hill, and Manny Gamburyan v. Matt Wiman. Now before you read any further, make sure you have your guys picked...ready? Let's get it on!

Show started with a few of the guys around a bonfire in the backyard. They asked Nate whether or not he thought it was weird to hang around Corey since they had to fight soon. Nate said that he was trying to avoid him because it was a little awkward. He also said that he wanted to start training with Team Penn, so he didn't have to train side by side with his opponent.

We then saw Corey in the hotbox cutting weight. He was talking to his alter ego, Buddy Roe. You know all of those times that you saw him yelling at himself while training? Buddy was the guy in his head that he was probably talking to, or through. Either way, the fact that this guy has a voice in his head that he talks to aloud kind of spooks me. I listen to Dope, or Wu-Tang when I want to get fired up. He talks to himself. It's like what Dana White said about Cro Cop coming out to Pride's theme music for his UFC fights: Whatever gets you going, I guess.

Team Penn was first in the gym to train, and Nate did indeed join them for the session. Joe Lauzon mentioned how Nate's presence threw off some of the routine that they'd been used to, but it was mainly because he didn't want to show any of his gameplan to Nate while in the gym. It's still possible that they could meet in the finals, so it's understandable why he's apprehensive.

BJ Penn understood Nate's situation. In BJ's opinion, he didn't want to train with his opponent, so he shouldn't have to. BJ would've taken him anyway, since he'd wanted Nate on his team to begin with.

With BJ, Nate trained mainly on his ground game, which makes sense since BJ's pretty good on the ground. Will it help him get past Corey's long arms and legs? For some guys, submitting a taller guy with long arms and legs is easy. For others it's tough (look at Tim Sylvia and Jeff Monson). It's a crapshoot, especially since Nate has all the experience of training with his strikes.

After their training was over, Team Pulver came in as Team Penn was packing up. Some of the guys on Team Pulver saw Nate and called him a traitor. Jens Pulver wasn't sure what to think at first, and actually had to take a minute to get a grip on the situation. Nate explained his case, and Jens understood. It made him feel a little awkward, but he didn't want to keep his guys from doing the things that they needed to do to succeed. Nate actually wound up staying for Team Pulver's training session as well.

Brian Geraghty noted how Corey and Nate had been avoiding each other ever since the fight announcement was made that they were to square off.

Corey didn't think much of Nate wanting to avoid him. He understood why Nate acted the way he did training with BJ, and didn't care. He just focused on himself and his own training, which was going really well.

Jens said that he didn't want to see the fight since he'd worked with both guys for so long. He also said he wouldn't corner anyone, he'd just watch. So to replace Jens, Wayne Weems and Brian Geraghty were to corner Nate, while Cole Miller and Rob Emerson cornered Corey.

Nate predicted a tough fight, since Corey was one of the best in the house.
Corey didn't make a prediction. He was just going to wing it the best he could.

THE FIGHT: Nate Diaz (6'0, 73" reach, 5-2) v. Corey Hill (6'4", 76" reach, 0-0�-these fights count as exhibition fights, meaning they don't affect professional records)

Corey came out the gate swinging punches, and then went for a takedown. He landed a few punches before they both stood back up. Nate got in close, but Corey got a hold of him and threw him down again (like a ragdoll kind of), and threw down some hammer fists on Nate. Nate got out and they both stood up again. Nate tried for a takedown, and almost got hit with a haymaker before taking Corey down. He was in Corey's guard, but then they both got back up on their feet. Corey landed some hard punches, then Nate clinched with him. He missed with a knee, and then they traded punches again. Corey took him down again, and then Nate got back out and they were back up. Corey got another takedown after eating some knees in the clinch, and fell into Nate's guard. Nate shifted his hips up and attempted a modified triangle choke, using his arm as well as legs, and then was able to clamp a regular triangle on Corey. After a few seconds he tapped out.

Your winner at 3:03 of the first round: Nate Diaz via submission by triangle choke.
Jens was impressed with how aggressive Corey came out, which looked totally different from how he looked against Rob Emerson. He said Corey didn't have anything to be ashamed of, and offered him, after the show, to come train with him at his gym. Jens was proud of both of his guys, though.

Nate was a little disappointed with his performance. He wanted to land more shots and have Corey on the defensive.

Corey said he was a little too comfortable right before he got caught in that triangle. With each takedown his confidence got higher and higher until he got caught. He said that in six months or a year, he'll be making a big name for himself. I'd agree. For a guy that just broke into it with no experience, he didn't do too shabby.

The focus then went to the fight with Manny Gamburyan and Matt Wiman. UFC President Dana White wasn't surprised with Matt getting to the semis, but was a little surprised with Manny because of how small he was. He predicted Matt to get the win.
Team Pulver was the first team up to train, and Kary Parysian was going to help coach for the next few days. Manny was excited to see his cousin, and thought it was a dream at first. They'd been training together for fifteen years. If it weren't for Karo, Manny wouldn't have gotten into the fight game at all.

Karo's a pretty big deal in MMA. He's one of the best middleweights in the UFC, and I think is only a fight away from a title shot. He would've gotten a shot at Matt Hughes, when he was champ, but an injury kept him out. One victory to note is his win against Nick Diaz, Nate's brother. Even though he beat Nick, Karo didn't have any qualms with him or Nate.

Karo and Manny grappled for a little bit, pretty hard, too. Karo thought that Manny had a good shot at winning. He didn't predict a victory or anything, but thought it was Manny's fight to lose.

Team Pulver was in the gym next, and Matt sounded a little concerned. He figured Manny would fight the same way as his cousin does: extremely aggressive, lots of clinching, and lots of throw attempts. BJ showed his concern as well. He saw Manny was crazy, and even though he's a smaller guy, he's a big ball of muscle. He predicted it'd be a tough fight for Matt, but one that he could win.

Before the fight, Matt predicted that Manny would cry after he lost.

THE FIGHT: Manny Gamburyan (5'5", 66" reach, ) v. Matt Wiman (5'10", 69" reach, 6'2)

Matt was smiling as the round began. Manny got the clinch and they traded punches. Matt went for a takedown, but Manny sprawled, so Matt backed him up to the fence. He tried to pick Manny up, ala Matt Hughes, but couldn't get him up so he went for a regular takedown. Manny got Matt in his guard, and traded punches with Matt. He then got out of the guard, almost got Manny's back, and then spun to the floor where he got Manny in his guard. Matt tried for an armbar, but it didn't work. They traded punches then got back up. Referee Herb Dean had to call time to check a cut above Matt's right eyebrow. I didn't see when he got the cut, but it was bleeding pretty good. They restarted the fight and traded more punches. Matt got the clinch and threw some knees. Manny tried for a throw, but they both wound up falling to the ground. Manny wound up in Matt's guard and they traded more punches. When they weren't punching, Manny was driving his head into Matt's cut. Manny tried to pass Matt's guard, and wound up falling over, but then got back to his feet before anything could happen. Manny got in close to Matt and tried to throw him with an uchimata, but had to settle for a sweep. He fell into Matt's guard, and that's how the round ended.

My scorecard: I'd give it to Manny. He wasn't as dominating as he was in his last fight, as Matt was actually fighting back, but he landed more shots and looked like he was pushing the action more. The cut was also a factor, too.

Both guys started the round swinging for the fences for about twenty seconds, then Manny got a takedown and fell into Matt's guard. He landed quite a few body shots and head shots before almost getting out of Matt's guard. Since he couldn't get out, he continued to land more shots on Matt. Matt kept trying to get out from underneath Manny, but Manny wouldn't let him up. After a good while, Herb Dean stood them up. They both landed some nice shots on each other. Manny tried for another takedown, but Matt sprawled. They stood up again, then Matt got a takedown and practically landed face first on the mat. Manny was up towards his head on the ground, and went for a kimura. As he started to twist Matt got out of it and somehow got Manny's back with underhooks. He tried for a kimura, then spun around to try for an armbar. Manny got out of it and was back on top of Matt, in his half guard. Manny continued raining down punches on Matt on the ground, and did so until the round ended.

BJ told Matt to get ready for a third round, but Herb Dean called both guys back to the middle of the octagon because a decision had been made.

Your winner: Manny Gamburyan via unanimous decision.

No controversy here. The first round may have been questionable...maybe...but the second round was decidedly won by Manny. Matt looked kind of lost when he was on his back, and Manny just never let up. BJ noticed how everytime they got out of the clinch, Manny was throwing punches. Everytime Matt threw punches, he was also covering his face at the same time. If he's really concerned about his face, he probably shouldn't be fighting in a cage because it'll get smashed up.

Karo was happy with his cousin's victory, and was proud of him.

Matt said that his head just wasn't in the fight. He also said that even though he didn't get the win, he was still the better fighter. I'd like to see them fight again. It was exciting, but also because I want to see if Matt could back up his talk.

Regardless, here are your final four: Gray Maynard (Team Penn), Manny Gamburyan (Team Pulver), Nate Diaz (Team Pulver), Joe Lauzon (Team Penn).

For next week we only get one fight, but it's up in the air as to who it'll be. Dana wants to pit teammate against teammate, and Jens doesn't like the decision. There's also a squabble between Karo Parysian and Nate.

SO...until next week, keep your gloves up.

Catch The Ultimate Fighter: Season Five every Thursday at 10pm EST. Check your local listings for encores, as well as anything UFC at SpikeTV.com, or UFC.com

ALSO get your VCRs ready to record because June 23rd will be the season finale! Jens v. BJ, as well as the two finalists.

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