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Survivor: One World - Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 03/28/2012 by Gina in Survivor

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Survivor: One World


by Gina Scarpa


With twelve people still in the game, that's one big group to be merged on Survivor: One World. The producers this season are really set on them all being in the same location! The merge helps people on the verge of being voted out (lookin' at you, Alicia and Christina) get a second chance and align with people to stay in the game. It's clear, though, that tribal lines are still in effect - the mixed Salani tribe, that is. They won't share the coffee that they won with Tarzan, who was Manono, and he doesn't like that one bit.


Before the reward challenge, Tarzan approaches Michael to get the guys back in an alliance, bring in Alicia as the seventh member, and take out the girls one by one. Michael appeases the old guy and offers his loyalty but let's be real. There's no chance these two are sticking together.


The tribe (new name: Tikiano) is split into two groups for the reward challenge and must run through an obstacle course to retrieve puzzle pieces. The blue tribe (Leif, Kim, Kat, Tarzan, Jonas, Michael) get off to a horrible start because Leif gets stuck in the sand, as he tries to dig his way underneath a beam. I didn't want to laugh at Jeff Probst's comparison to a turtle being born... and yet, I did. Poor Leif! The orange team (Sabrina, Jay, Chelsea, Christina, Alicia, Troyzan) easily pulls ahead but Michael makes up all the time lost for his blue team. It all comes down to the puzzle, and Troyzan and Christina bring the orange team a win - and pizza and beer!


Before the orange team takes off to enjoy their meal, Jeff mentions a secret note. Uh, it's not really secret because if you know the game of Survivor, you know it's going to be a clue towards an immunity idol. And it was. All the clue said was that there was one somewhere around camp and it took all but about fifteen minutes the next morning for Troyzan to find it.


Jonas finds out that Tarzan approaches Michael after finding out there was a guy's alliance forming that he wasn't informed of. That prompts Tarzan to threaten to quit the tribe, which I think means quit the game... well, except for the part where he doesn't go anywhere or do anything.


The immunity challenge is one we've seen before, but it's a good one. The task seems simple: balance on a small block of wood AND balance a disc with balls on it. Don't fall, don't let a ball drop.  Tarzan fell in the first round (try to contain your shock), followed by Christina, Michael, Chelsea, and Kim in the second round. The final round saw Alicia fall first, then Jay, Jonas, Sabrina, Leif, and Kat. Not only does Troyzan have an immunity idol, he now has immunity around his neck!


Back at camp, the Salani members target Jonas, feeling he's the strongest of the Manono players. Meanwhile, Tarzan throws his soiled underwear in the same pot that others are washing their clothes in, instaed of going to the ocean to clean it. And they're going to keep him?! Kat's name is tossed around, for being lazy around camp and generally annoying, at least to some.


At tribal council, Jonas throws Michael and Kat under the bus and tries to turn some attention onto them. Tarzan jumps in and starts yelling at Jonas, and some of the girls rush to his defense.  When the votes are read though, it's Jonas who has his torch snuffed by Jeff.  Disappointing.  I had high hopes for him.


Would you put up with Tarzan's antics if you were in the Tikiano tribe?  


Survivor: One World airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.


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