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It’s A Brad Brad World: Episode 4 Recap

Posted on 01/24/2012 by in It’s A Brad Brad World

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It’s A Brad Brad World Season 1


by Danae Young


This week on It’s A Brad Brad World, Brad and Gary argue over anniversary plans and Lindsay accompanies Brad to Alabama. 


Lindsay’s first assignment was to find a work space for Brad other than his garage. She still has not mastered the whole driving thing, though. Her and Brad were driving around to the different office spaces when she literally stopped in the middle of a busy intersection and held up traffic, which totally freaked Brad out. Lindsay may not be the best driver, but she definitely rocked it and found Brad the perfect office space at the Sunset Vine Tower. 


Brad and Gary are in the process of planning their 10-year anniversary party but they can’t seem to agree on the location. Brad thinks something in their backyard would be more personal, but Gary doesn’t want to worry about the cleanup so he would prefer to use an event space in L.A. They got into a huge argument about the whole thing. 


Brad met with Ashton Kutcher to do a two hour consultation for a website. They were send different looks from average Joes and then commented on them live via web cam. The comments were anything from how to spice up an outfit to which shoes work best with a specific dress. 


Brad invited Lindsay to Florence, Alabama with him to see Billy Reid. When they got there Brad made sure he was in the driver’s seat. Before they went to Billy Rei’d’s store, they walked around the quaint little town. In the town drug store they had an entire section roped off with walkers! 


At Billy Reid’s store, Brad and Lindsay had the pleasure of seeing the Spring/Summer collection. Brad even got to pick out some specific pieces for Jessica Alba and Demi Moore that he knew they would just love. 


Brad and Lindsay went to Billy Reid’s house for a huge BBQ he was having that night. There was an insane amount of food from ribs to macaroni and cheese to fried chicken. Basically everything was dripping with fat and filled with carbs. It was all VERY Southern. 


Everyone was drenched in their own sweat due to how hot it was outside and almost every single person carried around a napkin to wipe the sweat off their faces every 5 minutes. 


The following day Brad met with Jake Davis at Billy Reid’s lake house party for a photo shoot. When it ended Jake noticed Lindsay looking cute in her white swimsuit and sailor hat, so he asked her if he could shoot her as well. Brad pretended to be super mad at Lindsay just to get in her head a little and then confessed that he was just kidding around. 



Catch all new episodes of It’s A Brad Brad World Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo. 


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