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The Amazing Race 19: Finale Recap

Posted on 12/11/2011 by Gina in The Amazing Race

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The Amazing Race 19: Finale


by Gina Scarpa


The final leg of The Amazing Race has finally arrived and teams are headed to Atlanta to get their first clue at Flight Safety International. Atlanta is a huge advantage for Marcus and Amani - they LIVE there! Still, it's going to take more than just knowing your way around the city.


For their first task of the leg, teams get into a flight simulator to land a plane. I'd say that thing could help cure me of my fear or flying - but what about my claustrophobia?! Cindy gives Ernie a look like he did something wrong, but she's the one who screws up and they have to make another attempt. Amani and Marcus nearly skid right off the runway, but Jeremy and Sandy nail it on the first try.


A clue leads teams to the former residence known as The Dump, aka the home of Margaret Mitchell (who wrote "Gone With The Wind"). What a name for a house. Someone tells Jeremy and Sandy that it's a furniture store - WHAT?! - while Ernie and Cindy get the correct information. It's hard to root for them when Cindy compares the other teams to "C students" and themselves to "A students".


Meanwhile, Amani and Marcus are completely derailing in the flight simulator. Over and over, they go off the runway and have to start again. So far, being in their hometown is no advantage.


In the Road Block, one team member has to use an old fashioned typewriter to type out their next clue. Sounds easy enough except the "1" key is missing and they need to figure out that the lowercase "L" will substitute for it. Cindy whines outside that she should've done the task but Ernie actually figures it out pretty quickly. Their clue, 44-715-74, has to do with Hank Aaron: his number, his record setting amount of homeruns, and the year he did it in. Teams are headed to Turner Field!


It's time for the memory challenge. Working completely without notes (THANK YOU!!), teams must successfully map out their Amazing Race route on a giant map. One team member straps into a harness and makes their way across the board, while the other just yells out things like, "You're doing great!"


Cindy completes the task with ease and she and Ernie take off for Swan House.  Since they left the flight simulator, they  haven't even see any other teams - they've had this in the bag since the beginning.  Their taxi driver has perhaps the worst GPS on the planet and they're lost, while Jeremy and Sandy complete their task and head for the pit stop.  Still, Ernie and Cindy arrive on the mat first, winning the million dollar prize.  Jeremy and Sandy arrive first, with Amani and Marcus finishing third.


What do you think of the outcome of the race?  Let us know in the comments below!



(Image courtesy of CBS)


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