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Project Runway Season 9: Episode 9 Recap

Posted on 09/22/2011 by Lindsay in Project Runway

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Project Runway Season 9


By Lindsay Strouse


Welcome back to (Team) Project Runway. That's right, the eight remaining designers of Project Runway competed in yet another team challenge. As if that wasn't frustrating enough, they were thrown for another loop as well-time to create some menswear.


Tim Gunn met with the designers to tell them about the details: Garnier has partnered with Rolling Stone to put an emerging band on the cover of the magazine. The designers must create a spectacular image for the boys of a band called "Sheepdog," which will be featured in a Marie Claire advertorial and in Rolling Stone. The Sheepdogs will also wear the winning look to a Rolling Stone event. Nice!


The first team consists of Olivier, Viktor, Kimberly and Josh (aka Team Untitled). Bert, Anthony Ryan, Laura and Anya make up Team Two (aka Team Harmony). If you've been following the season, you might remember Laura, Bert and Anthony Ryan didn't exactly get along during the last round.


Each designer will be responsible for the head-to-toe look of each band member. Tim mentions that the collection does not have to be cohesive and that the looks will be judged individually. Cue a general breath of release.


Several of the designers began viewing this challenge less as a team competition, but more of a "every man for himself" type of challenge. And let me say, they aren't sparing any extra help for their fellow competitors.


The designers meet with Frank Butler, the style consultant of Garnier, to discuss the styling of their clients. Yay, product placement! It is interesting to see how each group decided to style their band member-it's hard to tell who's ahead in the game at this point.


On the second day, Tim brings members of the Sheepdogs to check up on the status of their Rolling Stone looks. Bert's band member, Ewan, found his look to be a bit too feminine. At this point, it seems like Bert may have to scrap the look and start fresh.


Kimberly decides to switch up her fabric choice after her band member rejects her plaid top-the only problem is that she "borrowed" the fabric from Anya, on the opposing team. Naturally, Anya started worrying that the judges would like that fabric better than her own.


Olivier once again deals with time management issues and struggles with the concept of dressing someone even an inch bigger than a mannequin's measurements. Tim spoke to him very frankly and reminded him that these are problems every fashion designer faces. You know what phrase comes next...Make it work!


At the end of the second day, the designers really start to feel the pressure. They feel farther behind than they should be at this point and are concerned they won't be able to finish on time. Even Olivier, one of the few designers who has experience with menswear, is crumbling under the pressure.


On the day of the runway show, Tim alerts the designers to the ending details of the challenge. The Sheepdogs arrive for their last fitting and must work with both teams for last minute touches. Instead of walking a runway, they will perform two songs for the judges, wearing Team Harmony's looks first. I wonder if the order of appearance will have an influence on the final judging.


This week's guest judge is fashion-forward musician, Adam Lambert.


Starting off the night is Sheepdog sporting some Team Harmony garments. Overall, I can pretty easily say I like the music a lot more than the fashion. Anya's garment is ill-fitting and has a strange compilation of fabrics.


Team Untitled definitely has more success in the fashion component of this competition. We see a mix of fringe, patterns and tight-fitting white pants. Minus Kimberly's orange button-up shirt a la McDonalds, my vote went to this team.


But what did the judges think? Team Harmony is up first for critiques. Laura's look got the most praise in the team, and it was Heidi's favorite for the night. Adam thought it was retro, but contemporary as well. As was to be expected, none of the judges liked Anya's ill-fitting garment. Surprisingly enough, Bert had a little rocker living in him and produced great hippie styling. Anthony Ryan received an average critique, and I think it'll be enough to carry him through to the next round.


Next up is Team Untitled. Olivier's look falls flat with the judges and Michael Kors compared Kimberly's look to Peter Brady at an autumn harvest. Viktor got a homerun critique from the judges on his well-constructed (expensive looking) jacket. The judges all liked Josh's sexy pants with an eye-catching zipper, but they felt it contained one too many elements.


The bottoms three for the judges were Kimberly, Anya and Olivier, while Josh, Viktor and Bert found themselves in the top.


Bert, Laura, Josh, Anthony Ryan, Anya and Kimberly are sent back to safety.


I'm happy to say Viktor is the winner of this week's challenge...and what a challenge to win. Rolling Stone!


That means tonight we say goodbye to Olivier. It's tough to see him go after he showed so much promise in the first few weeks.


Project Runway airs every Thursday at 9/8c on Lifetime.


(Image courtesy of Lifetime)


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