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The Real World: Las Vegas - Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 04/06/2011 by Gina in Real World

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by Gina Scarpa


Based on the previews for The Real World: Las Vegas, I can't figure out how Adam is going to make it past tonight's episode. Nany doesn't seem to have any remorse for cheating on her boyfriend, Jordy, and throwing away a six year relationship. Meanwhile, Adam video chats with his girlfriend... or "girlfriend"... to tell her he wants to know where she is at all times. Possessive for a guy who's sleeping with his roommate.


Unlike Heather and Dustin, Naomi and Leroy refuse to get too close. The both bring back people from the bar to hook up with and no one seems too jealous about it. Hey, whatever works!


Nany decides to hang out with Sean, the busboy from Vanity and she seems to like him in a different way than Adam. Sean makes her giddy and excited, while it seems that Adam may just be about the attraction. The girls head out to meet up with him and his friends for a nice dinner out, which doesn't sit well with Adam when Nany tries to cuddle with him that night. She is clearly not havin' it with him when it comes to getting any kind of serious.


The roomies meet with their boss to find out they'll working a fetish ball. This is starting not to feel like work at all actually. It just seems like they get to hang out at cool events and... yeah, that's about it.


At the club, Nany finds out the disappointing news that Sean has a girlfriend. Then, what the heck was he doing emailing and making plans with her? She starts drunk crying while her drunk roommates try to rationalize with her. Adam, who has now had enough of Nany's games just starts drinking from the bottle. This isn't going well.


Earlier in the episode, Dustin predicted that Adam was going to get drunk and act out about Nany and now, it's all coming true. Security escorts him out and things only get worse from there. Back in the apartment, no one can control him. He's throwing things, ripping stuff down from the wall, and runs around until everyone throws him in bed.


He's up two seconds later to try to talk to Nany while three guys try to hold him back. He finally gets to her and punches a picture right behind her head. The guys jump back on him and he's bleeding all over the place. Dustin physically removes Nany from the area and when one of Adam's friends calls her a bitch, she flips out and tries to go in the bathroom to get him. Dustin drags her out again and the girls step in to calm her down.


Nany admits that she's been hit before in the past by a guy, which is a shocking revelation.  She's upset that she talked about it when you get drunk, you do and say a lot of things you may not think you would.  Or, at least, they do.


The Real World: Las Vegas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV.


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