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"Robert Galinsky's Reality Wanted" Wed. July 21st Synopsis Bad Girls, Drag Queens, Cupcakes, Biggest Losers and more! on ChatAboutIt.com on CBS Digital, Every Wednesday, 6-8pm EST

Posted on 07/22/2010 by RealityWanted in Radio

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RealityWanted.com and the New York Reality TV School have joined forces to produce “RobertGalinsky’s RealityWanted”, an online radio show featuring all things reality TV. Hosted by the founder and "Principal" of the New York Reality TV School, with co-host (4 time Emmy winner and Creator/Ex. Producer of TLC's DC Cupcakes) Terence Noonan.


The show opened with Terence giving us the details on last week's series premiere and the making of "DC Cupcakes" and we segued very quickly into "Bad Girls" supervising producer Megan Sleeper running a live on-air audition with a Bad Girl wannabe: Angelena Als. Angelena divulged a few juicy secrets and we'll see if she gets on Oxygen's Bad Girls or not! Sheila Conlin of the Conlin Company announced the "Cooking Light" contest and we followed that with a conversation with the "Dean of Drag" Lady Bunny. Bunny is a judge on RuPaul's Drag U and we debate and discuss the virtues of drag queens and gays giving fashion and beauty tips to straight women.

Brandon Nickens, co-casting director of the "Biggest Loser" told us about next season's casting and also scold us for eating too many cupcakes. He also engaged with an online Biggest Loser hopeful, who pointed out that she is deaf, and we all agreed an overweight translator would make a great partner for her on the show. Jordan Murphy host of "Tool Academy" announced his new website and service "Act-ivated.com". Jordan helps the NEW actor get started, have and create ongoing breakthroughs and find success in their career. Nancy Alert told us, from her car phone, she looking for home Sellers who are selling their first home for the HGTV reality show "My First Home Sale" and we discussed further the emotions of selling that first home.

Skype guests from the Terra Fossil Wines casting campaign did everything from sing songs with their dogs howling as harmony to plucking their eyebrows live on Skype. We also feature recurring segments from "Not Here to Make Friends" http://notmakefriends.wordpress.com and hot RealityWanted.com casting calls with Maureen Francisco! Special thanks were given to sponsors Terra Fossil Wines, Mohegan Sun Casino and the Kodak Zi8.

"Robert Galinsky's Reality Wanted" is a humorous, informative, opinionated and often outrageous online radio show that features conversation about the world of reality TV! With unparalleled access to reality TV industry insiders, veterans and stars, casting directors, fans and producers- “Reality TV guru” and ring master Robert Galinsky holds court with co-host and “tastemaker”Jess Zaino, west coast “Social Media Jockey” Mark Yawitz and surprise guests from such reality shows as: Shark Tank, Big Brother, The Bachelor, America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, Amazing Race, FOX’s Solitary, The Apprentice, Hell’s Kitchen, Project Runway, Bad Girls Club, Sober House, Secrets of Aspen and more.

Robert Galinsky's Reality Wanted airs on CBS Digital every Wednesday from 6-8pm EST http://www.realitywanted.com/radio
Call in live is 877.242.8212 and Skype in live is chataboutitcallers




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