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Shark Tank: Season Finale Recap

Posted on 02/05/2010 by in Shark Tank

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Shark Tank


by Danae Young


This week on the season finale of Shark Tank, the sharks are on the prowl for products that really stand out.

First up into the tank are Michele Kapustka and Melisa Moroko who are sisters, neighbors, and business partners. They own an internet-based company called SENDaBALL where people can personalize the saying on a ball. Even the stamps and address go right on the ball; no packaging necessary! They asked for $86,000 for a 20% stake. Unfortunately, it looks like the sharks broke their balls, no pun intended! The girls were sent back to their garage where they make the balls.

The next entrepreneur was a little more lucky. Mark Burginger created a company called Qubits, which is a small, flexible building toy for kids. He asked for $90,000 for a 51% stake. However, he spent around $60,000 already and has only made about $8,000. He also has yet to approach a major toy company such as Lego about his product, which makes the sharks pretty worried. Daymond offered Mark the deal but there was a catch: they had to call all of the four major toy companies to make a deal.

The energetic Nicole Jones, The Shoe Professor, was up next. She created a show business called Pillars for Slippers. She drives a pink Hummer and visits homes to sell shoes and also has one retail location and an online store. Last year, she made around $70,000 in internet sales and $64,000 at the home shoe parties. Kevin O’Leary told her she was about 70% entrepreneur and 30% nut bar.  In the end, the sharks basically thought she was too crazy for what she was asking, so they sent her off to pack all those shoes and go home.

Aida and Phil Lough had a very stinky surprise for the sharks. They’re product is called Llama Brew, which is a liquid organic fertilizer. They asked for $125,000 for a 10% stake. The sharks didn’t see numbers adding up correctly, especially after finding out the Lough’s have only made $4,000. Even after telling the sharks that the poop is odorless, it wasn’t enough to save the Lough’s.

The Nubrella, a hands-free umbrella that can handle up to 30mph of wind, was created by Alan Kaufman. He asked the sharks for $200,000 for a 25% stake. Kevin Harrington offered him $200,000 for a 65% stake, but Alan refused and said he wouldn’t go higher than 35%. Just when you thought it was over, Daymond offered Alan an interesting deal. He came up with the idea for him and Kevin H. to go in together for a 60% stake, meaning 30% each. Alan lowered it to 50% instead. After much deliberation, they came to a final deal. Kevin H. and Daymond have 51% of the control of the company for $200,000 while Alan still runs the company.


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