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The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love - Conference Call with Michelle Kujawa

Posted on 01/21/2010 by Gina in The Bachelor and Cast Interviews

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Michelle Kujawa from The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love


by Gina Scarpa

There was no denying that Michelle Kujawa genuinely thought she felt something for Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor this season. In fact, she came into the house completely convinced that they were meant to be. When she didn't receive any one on one time or affection, she grew increasingly frustrated. She took out her anger, first on the other girls, and then on Jake, who had had enough of her up and down attitude. During a cocktail party on a group date, after sharing a less than passionate kiss, she expressed her desire to go and he showed her the door. Today, Michelle spoke to reporters in a press conference call and opened up about how she thought she was portrayed, that kiss she shared with Jake, and whether or not there's a special someone in her life right now.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: When you watch the episodes back, and you see yourself, how do you feel about the way that you went into the house and your feelings for Jake?
A. Michelle: I went in there with an open heart and open mind. It's unfortunate that we didn't have that connection. I'm not sad at the way it ended. You have to have that connection with somebody and unfortunately it wasn't there. I wish him the best of luck. My feelings haven't changed. When I see myself on tv, that's who I was. I feel like I came on a little bit too strong but you're in the house with other women competing for one guy. You have to show that person how you really feel.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: You had some issues with the other women on Monday night's episode. Did it bother you? You did say that you weren't there to make friends.
A. Michelle: You gotta understand that there are other women competing for this guy's affection and love. I didn't have an issue with any of the other ladies. I might not have bonded closely like the other women did but I never had an issue with anybody. I spoke my mind and if there was somebody I wanted to confront... for example with Ali in the last episode... I'm not gonna just sit on the sidelines and not say anything. There's no intention of hurting anybody. Everybody was great in the house.

Q. There was such an intensity for you on the thought of getting married to Jake. Why did you feel that way?
A. Michelle: I wasn't trying to have it directly be to Jake. I went on the show to find love and of course, I knew who The Bachelor was. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm 26 and I'm at that point in my life where I'd love to fall in love with somebody and eventually, down the line, get married and have children. The way it was shown on tv, it was like I wanted to get married that minute but that's not the case. I look forward to it.


Q. What happened with that kiss that you shared with Jake? What were you looking for?
A. Michelle: You hope to have that butterfly, that little tickle, and I didn't feel it from him. I went in the kiss with my all and I just didn't have that returned kiss from him. At that moment, I said, "I have to go." If you don't have it with somebody, there's no reason to try. You try once, you can try again, but you can't force somebody to have a connection with you.

Q. Were you surprised when Jake said, "Let's not wait for a rose ceremony. I think you should go now"?
A. Michelle: At the moment, I was shocked but at the same time, I understood why. There was no connection in the kiss and you gotta have that connection with somebody to go forward with it. I was sad and I thought about how I acted as I was leaving, when he was walking me out to the taxi. Again, there wasn't a connection and I wish the best for him.

Q. Would you change anything about how you were portrayed?
A. Michelle: I probably wouldn't change anything. That's who I was. I would say that I don't usually come out that strong in reality. It's hard when you're in a house with other women that you don't know and you're trying to find a connection with Jake. I don't know. I don't think I would've done anything different. Things happen for a reason and it happened in that way. It's unfortunate but you just have to move on from it.

Q. What has been the reaction from your friends and family after watching you on the show?
A. Michelle: Everybody has been very, very supportive of me. I haven't had any negative feedback from any of my family or friends. They just were kinda sad to see me go. They wished that there was a connection between Jake and I but there wasn't. They supported me, they're happy, and they know how I am. We all kinda laugh about it.

Q. What is your dream wedding?
A. Michelle: I don't really have a dream wedding or anything. I'm just at that point where I've done the dating scene and it would be nice to come home to somebody. I'm in no rush at all to get married within this year. I have a job, I still need to be secure, I need to have a lot of other things before getting married. On the show, it seems I want to get it done right then and there. I just wanted everybody to know that it is something I'm serious about and looking forward to.


Q. What are your thoughts on Vienna?
A. Michelle: My thoughts about Vienna... she's a sweet gal. I didn't actually get to know her at all during my time in the house. I know that some women might not have liked it. I don't know if it was because she had a one on one date. I was kind of upset because I wish I had a one on one date before my time ended on the show. It's definitely a lot different getting to know someone on a one on one, compared to going on a group date. As far as Vienna goes, I can't really say anything good or bad about her.

Q. Based on what you know and what you saw in the house, who do you think is the best match for Jake?
A. Michelle: It's so early on to tell who would be the best match for him. Tenley... I roomed with her, she's a sweetheart, she has so much life in her. She's such a great gal and Ali as well. I did see a very, very strong connection between them that I felt I didn't have. If I had to say who he ends up with, if he ends up with anybody, it would be Ali, Tenley, or Gia. All the girls are great. If I had to pinpoint one specific girl, it would probably be Ali.

Q. Are you dating anyone now?
A. Michelle: As of this moment, I'm dating. There's been some great dates and hopefully, in the future, something will evolve but nothing right now.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC.

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