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The Girls Next Door Season 6: Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 11/29/2009 by Gina in The Girls Next Door

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by Danae Young

This week, on an all new episode of The Girls Next Door, music is in the air!

The girls join Hef and some other Playmates in a Guitar Hero commercial.

Celebrities like Kobe Bryant and Tony Hawk have also been in the commercial before. The theme is a Tom Cruise Risky Business sort of thing with all of the girls dressed in men’s pink dress shirts and tall white socks.

All of the girls have to practice sliding across the super slick mansion floor and how to rock out with the toy guitars.

The commercial turned out really cute with Hef smokin’ his pipe at the end.

Crystal went to visit her mom in San Diego, CA with her doggy Charlie.

She told her mom about how she is taking up singing. She knew her father was a singer but Crystal’s mom informs her that both of her parents were in a band together. Her mom even brought out an old recording of a love song her father wrote to her mother before he died. His voice was actually pretty great! You could tell Crystal was kind of tearing up listening to her father’s voice.

Things got even more intense when Crystal’s mom told her that her parents were never married. It was a little weird that she never knew that before. I know with my parents I asked them at a pretty young age what their wedding was like, so for it never to come up until now is strange.

Crystal decided she was going to learn how to sing her father’s song and record it in memory of him.

Mary had the girls over for a delicious dinner with some of her friends. She had a bunch of cool antiques in her house such as the bonnet her mother wore when she got married and the marriage certificate, which was a very long time ago.

Then all of the women sat down to play Dice. Francis, Smokey Robinson’s wife, just happened to be one of the women over at Mary’s-what a coincidence. She heard about Crystal’s idea to record her dad’s song and offered to show it to Smokey.

The next day the twins went with Crystal to the recording studio and Smokey Robinson showed up! Crystal played some of what she recorded for Smokey and he said it wasn’t that bad. Personally I didn’t really like it. Her voice isn’t really that strong, then again I’m no music legend!

Crystal invited her mom over to the mansion movie theatre to show her the final piece. She even had a slide show playing on the big screen in the movie theatre while the song played.

Crystal and her mother were crying and you could tell it truly was a touching moment.

Watch an all new episode of The Girls Next Door next Sunday night at 10/9c on E!, when Kendra has her baby shower!

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