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The Girls Next Door Season 6: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 11/15/2009 by Gina in The Girls Next Door

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The Girls Next Door Season 6


by Danae Young

This week on The Girls Next Door, they celebrated the 55th Annual Playmate Anniversary.

Playmate of the year, Dasha Astafieva, took her thong off on the red carpet…that’s a little too wild. I mean, I know its Playboy but wow!

The girls find out they are going to Italy! No fair! The twins called their mom to tell her and she informed them that they actually have lots of family out there in a small town called Roccaraso.

They took a private jet to Rome first. The twins tried to use their cell phones to call their mom but they were having some technically difficulties. Finally they got it to work.

The next morning everyone loaded onto a big bus, of course with a Playboy bunny symbol. They took the bus high up into the mountains to the small town of Roccaraso to visit the twins’ family. There was only one gas station in the whole town!

They met the cousins in a cute little Italian restaurant but the twins had a really tough time understanding anything their family was saying. I guess they forgot to take some Italian lessons before they went.

The food at the restaurant was never ending and it looked absolutely delicious! It was making my stomach growl.

Hef’s brother made a great toast after all of the food and then the mayor showed up and gave Hef a gift!

Then Hef had a surprise for the girls after dinner, which ended up being Dasha. The girls were definitely surprised…maybe not in a good way, though. Dasha gave Hef a painting of the two of them and the girls all felt a little uncomfortable about it.

The group of them all went out to dinner where Hef explained to the girls what they would be doing the next day at the San Remo Festival.

The twins decide to show how mature they are by hanging thongs on their chandelier in their room.

Dasha and the girls got ready the next night and went off to the festival. Hef and all four girls got called on stage where Hef was interviewed for an entire half hour!

After the festival they went out to dinner where Hef agreed to give on of the paparazzi an interview. The paparazzi man asked Hef if he could kiss one of the girls and, of course, Hef said no. So, then he tried asking if he could kiss Hef…weird…and Hef, once again, said no.
They left dinner and went to an Italian club for the re-launch of the Italian Playboy. Dasha was getting a little too flirtatious with Hef so Crystal seemed pretty relieved when they got back in that private jet to go back home to the mansion.

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