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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2: Reunion (Part 1)

Posted on 10/29/2009 by Chandra in The Real Housewives

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2 Reunion


By Chandra Clewley




The gals of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunited tonight on the first half of their reunion show, which tapes for 8 hours according to the Reality Wanted interview with Bravo’s host de la soiree, Andy Cohen. 


Sheree, who is wearing Dolce & Gabbana, (and not She by Sheree) looks great, minus the miscalculation on the blue eyeshadow.  Andy touches on her comment about her “wig pull” argument with Kim, asking “who exactly is pookie?” when the “Cleveland” girl came out during their street fight early in the season. Sheree says it is a figure of speech. During her interview, Sheree defends the parties that she throws for herself, the large portrait she has commissioned, and denies that she has had breast augmentation.
Andy defers to NeNe, when asking who the “real” Sheree is, calm and ladylike ala Season 1, or confrontational ala Season 2. NeNe says she is a bit of both and she can definitely “stand up” when she is feeling threatened or uncomfortable.


Kim, who a large part of the show focuses on, admits to having implants that result in her being a 34D. She reveals that Anemia and an issue with her Thyroid is what resulted in her hair loss. She has hair but she is having “so much fun with the wig line” and wants to bring Caucasian women up to where African-American women have been for so long with their hair choices….blah blah blah… (Sorry). Kim is NOT wearing her engagement ring from Big Papa, and tells Andy that she is dating other people. Kim admits that she wanted to believe that the divorce was going through, but finally (6 weeks ago) shge decides to attempt to move on. Allegedly, Big Papa’s wife knows and watches the show, and they are estranged. She lives in California, he in Atlanta. He had been staying with Kim and the girls 5-6 nights a week.

During this time, there is a commercial break and during the interim, Andy points out that Big Papa has showed up on set, met Andy in person, and laid a big fat kiss on Kim. She is all smiles and says that “when you love someone you love them.” Andy asks how she supports herself. Kim says that she did well as a waitress and a nurse and was able to invest her money in money market accounts…blah blah blah…(oh sorry, again.) She does admit that Big Papa does support her and they have been together for four years, but there is no timeline for a wedding. (Side note: The ring was 8 carats).


Lisa and Ed are still “having fun trying to get pregnant” to which the question of how often they are “having fun” comes up. Apparently the norm for the Atlanta girls is every day to every other day.  Rumors spread that she was foreclosed upon. Lisa says that is not true and that they had the option of a short sale on their home. Lisa doesn’t address if the house ever sold in a short sale or if the bank took it over (i.e. foreclosed).


NeNe says she had not gone much further with the paternity quest. Alan is a big drinker who she has a hard time getting any straight answers from. She would like to have a relationship if he is her actual father. As for Curtis, they still have not spoken and although she has waited for him, it might be time to reach out to him. She and Kim have “buried the hatchet.” A lot of their anger apparently stemmed from the “other” housewives stirring the pot! And by other Housewives they mean Orange County’s demure Vicki, Tamra and Laurie; and New York’s shyest Ramona and Bethenny. Surprised? I didn’t think so! (My only surprise is, wait, is Laurie coming back for Season 6 of RHOC?).


Lastly, Kandi, with unfortunately the most tragic story line this year with the devastating loss of her former fiancé A.J. After the finale wrapped, A.J and Kandi’s mom Joyce had a big blow out and Kandi decided to end the engagement at the end of June. A.J. and she were still very close and the day of his death she had spoken with him before his fight with a club owner that proved fatal. After Kandi was told about the fight, she headed to the club, where no one knew of his death, and she was continuously calling A.J.’s cell phone, expecting him to answer. When the doctor told her the new of his passing, Kandi says she went numb. Although they had a whirlwind romance where they were only together a year, engaged in January and broken up in July, it doesn’t take away from the tragedy and the fact that during this reunion, one week after A.J.’s death Kandi still finds it, “weird, shocking and unbelievable.”


Don’t miss the second part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion next Thursday on Bravo, right before the Season 6 Premier of the originals: The Real Housewives of Orange County!


(Photo courtesy of Bravo)


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