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Ghost Hunters Season 6 - “Civil War Spirits” – Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 09/02/2009 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters

(Photo courtesy of SyFy)

Co-founders of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson


Thornbury Farm - Chadds Ford, PA

The Thornbury farm is where the “Battle of Brandywine” was fought during the Revolutionary War.  The Battle of Brandywine was

won of the deadliest battles of the war where 18000 + troops are said to have died.  The current and past residents of the

house on the farm have seen apparitions of a soldier with no arm walk through the house, footsteps, cold spots,  sounds of

horses roaming the property when all horses on the property where in the barn, the crying of a small girl, and the sense of a

“prankster ghost” who tends to slam doors and move objects.


Co-founders of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, began their investigation in a room in the

house that was said to serve as a hospital during the war.  As they began asking questions a very strange noise or humming

sound became audible.  They believed the noise was coming from upstairs in the room once occupied by a girl named Katie who

the current residents believe they hear crying from time to time.  Katie’s grave is just outside the house.  Kris Williams and

Amy Bruni spent time in a shed area which held prisoners of war from time to time.  Kris did her best to provoke the spirits

during their EVP session but nothing they experiences was visible or audible at the time.  Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves took

time off from ripping on each other to try and get a response from “Katie” in her room but did not have any personal

experiences.  Grant and Jason were back on tap, trying to get some interaction with the “prankster ghost” who is said to slam

doors and move tools around the shed.  As they were calling the spirit out, one of the push button flashlights that Jason had

pinned to his jacket turned on.  He took off the flashlight and put it on the shelf and within seconds the flashlight turned

itself on again.  Jason couldn’t help himself so he turned off the flashlight again, put it back on the shelf, and it turned

on by itself once more.  The flashlight itself was very cold.  Not much of a prank, but we’ll take it and that was the last of

the investigation for the night.


When Grant and Jason reviewed the crying or weeping sound they heard while in the living room it was a sound that the current

residents have heard before and was certainly coming from some type of young girl.  They were also able to get a “chuckle”

after they were experiencing the flashlight incident mentioned before when they told the ghost to turn off the rest of their

equipment.  The prankster ghost was having fun and that incident alone was enough to call the farm haunted, just in time for

the Halloween season. 


Lee-Fendall House – Alexandria, Virginia

Henry Lee, Robert E. Lee’s father, owned the house before it was later bought by the Fendall family.  It was built in 1785 and

did serve as a hospital for soldiers when needed.  Past residents and current caretakers of this now museum have seen

apparitions of soldiers and other people in Revolutionary war attire, loud footsteps, and a 1930’s style phone ringing when no

phone existed in the house when it happened.  Others have felt a strange, unwelcoming feeling in various parts of the house.


Grant and Steve were the first to investigate the house and while they were hearing some noises they did get some feedback on

their EMF detector but didn’t buy too much into the experience.  Kris and Dave tried to make contact with the spirits of a

mother and child said to be seen in one of the back stair cases but nothing was audible or visible to them.  Steve and Grant

tried their best to get some ghostly interaction in the upstairs bedrooms.  They got nothing so another strike for the team

and hopefully something will show up later on the audio or video.  Amy and, substitute investigator Britt, were the brave ones

to head into the cellar.  One thing they did notice was high EMF readings coming from a lot of exposed wiring.  It’s been said

many times that this type of EMF can cause people to feel uncomfortable and that someone is watching them.  


The review of the evidence didn’t shed any more light on whether the house was haunted or not.  The team really didn’t have

any personal experiences so they couldn’t call the Lee-Fendall house haunted but this may simply be a case of the ghosts not

coming out on cue. 


Chad Alan

Story by: Chad Alan


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