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Eric Stein Sizes Up The Big Brother 11 HouseGuests - Week 6

Posted on 08/22/2009 by RealityWanted in Big Brother and Reality Wrap

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Big Brother 11 Eric Stein

by Eric Stein


Ever watch a TV sitcom in which they intersperse a bunch of old clips in with the new material to fill the episode?  Well, that's what my column is going to be like this week.  And why am I going to rehash certain points from earlier in the season?  For one, because I was out of town all week and I'm taking shortcuts to finish it.  And secondly, because I want to pat myself on the back for being so spot on.  Hey, at least I'm being honest with my intentions.  Consider it like the flashback feature on the live feeds.  Don't worry; there will be plenty of new thoughts mixed in too. 


Earlier this week, somewhere out there was a witch's coven assembling for a celebration.  That's right, "The Friendship" got the gang back together from season 6; and they were rejoicing.  Why, might you ask?  Well, it took 5 long seasons, but they are no longer the most hated people in BB history!  That title now goes to the crack team of Chima, Lydia, Natalie, Jessie, and Ronnie.  In racking my brain, I can barely think of a worse display of poor sportsmanship in my entire life than that displayed by this crew after their power was usurped.  They all seemed quite content to rule the house tyrannically, but the second they lost control for one week...they completely lost control of their minds/dignity/sanity as well.  Truth be told, this wasn't hard to predict. 


Flashback to Earlier Thoughts on Chima:

Week 1 - "She has a mouth on her that she can't contain.  It took her all of 5 minutes upon move-in to start talking trash, she's sassy, and she's a chronic complainer.  Outspoken players rarely excel in this game.  BB requires the finesse of knowing when to shut your mouth and I don't believe she possesses that quality."


Week 2 - "As I'm sure we would all agree, Chima's speech was outright astonishing.  Somehow, she managed to make an accused bigot/misogynist look good in comparison to herself. It struck me as a speech you'd give if you were going home, not something you'd do to endear yourself to the other players if you are staying.  Let's not forget her behavior at the Have/Have Not competition and her general demeanor in the house this week.  I have noticed that her mouth is getting exponentially bigger based on how secure she feels in the house.  As soon as she felt safe, she unleashed a tirade that hasn't stopped since.  She is very difficult to like." 


Flashback to Earlier Thoughts on Lydia:

Week 1 - "Being manipulative in real life often translates into a dangerous BB player.  However, eventually not only do people see through it, but they resent you for using them.  It will ultimately bite her in the butt."


Week 2 - "Lydia, in particular, is a nasty, manipulative player.  I am standing by my comparison of her gameplay to that of BB8's Amber.  She prays on people's emotions, plays the victim, and thrives on drama.  She should induce fear in her fellow houseguests while she's there...she'll do damage - but ultimately, she'll also do irreparable damage to herself as well." 


Looks like I had them pegged!  I have zero patience for people who compromise the integrity of the game and/or don't appreciate the opportunity.  I distinctly remember two instances like that from my season.  In week 1, Carol told a handful of us that she had a family BBQ that she was looking forward to attending in mid July.  Um, BB goes until mid to late September, Carol.  As soon as she said that, we all made sure we'd get her to her BBQ on time, since we wanted to play the game with deserving people who actually wanted to be there.  And when Jen broke the food restriction, she went home by an unprecedented 6-0 vote, when only 5 people were voting.  The fact is that thousands of people would kill to have this opportunity, so it's beyond disappointing when one of the lucky few that gets the chance doesn't appreciate it.  Good riddance to Chima.  By the way, I sincerely hope she's not welcomed at the finale, not paid a dime of her stipend, and pays the big bucks to replace the mic.  She deserves it. 


Random thoughts section.  One point of confusion I had from this past week was why did Chima & Jeff get to play HoH after the Coup was used, but Michele didn't get to play again after Chima was ousted?  Also, I was perplexed about why Chima & Jeff didn't get to vote after the Coup was used.  I felt like they were making up rules just to assure that there wasn't a tie vote (because then who would break it, Chima or Jeff?).  I'm sure things like this don't bother most, but I'd like some rules clarifications personally, haha.  Also, I am adamantly standing by the fact that Jessie got hosed.  I don't know how many times I can state that I am strictly analyzing gameplay in these columns...not expressing my rooting interest.  The fact of the matter is that Jessie went home even though either he himself or a close ally of his were in power the entire time he was in the house.  What more could the guy have possibly done?  Also, I thought it was really peculiar that Kevin chose right after the Coup to firmly attach himself to that fast-fading alliance once and for all.  What a strange time to hitch yourself to that sinking wagon.  Weird choice.


With the past 4 evictions, the game has broken exactly as anticipated.  Let's take a look at some of my earlier (and amazingly accurate) thoughts, haha. 


Flashback to Earlier Thoughts on Why Ronnie & Jessie Would Be The Next Two Evictees


Week 2 -  "Since the HoH became a part of the game in season 2, there have been 23 people to serve as HoH in week one or two of the game (including season 9's power couple).  Of those 23 people, a grand total of 1 of them won the game (season 3's Lisa).  The conclusion here is obvious...being HoH in week 1 or 2 is bad.  This is unfortunate news for Jessie and Ronnie."


Week 3 - "The closest comparison to the way this season has unfolded thus far was the early domination of the Four Horsemen for the first three weeks of Season 5.  Well, who went home in weeks 4 and 5 that season?  Four Horsemen rings leaders, Scott and Jase.  Going back to my early point of winning the battle and losing the war...dominating early pretty much means nothing other than guaranteeing that you have no chance of winning the game."


Flashback to Earlier Thoughts On Why Jeff Should Use the Coup and It's After Effects


Week 5 - "This is a chance to definitively and permanently change the power structure in the house for good.  And there is very little way for this to come back to hurt Jeff.  This is a game-ender for the alliance that has dominated this game thus far."


With Ronnie/Jessie/Chima/Lydia gone in succession, it seems like but a forgotten memory as to when they were ruling the house, right?  So where do we go from here?  I believe that Chima was a solid target for Michele's theoretical HoH reign.  However, I do not think that Lydia was the correct target this week during Jordan's HoH.  I understand the thought process...she was aligned with Kevin and this breaks up a solid twosome.  However, all it really means is that Nat/Kevin have now become a solid twosome and a far more formidable one at that.  They sent Lydia home just because they didn't want to deal with her anymore, when they should have sent home Nat or Kevin because they are far stronger competitors.  Jeff & Jordan's biggest flaw seems to be an inability to stand by their convictions.  They need to put their foot down on somebody's neck and end them for good.  Why they'd be listening to Nat/Kevin at all right now is beyond me.  Let's just assume that what Nat/Kev are saying is true and Russell is coming after J/J.  Does that mean that N/K are not coming after J/J?!?  Um, no.  I don't feel like people should even entertain the thoughts of the nominees or the opposing side of the house.  Name your target and take them out...the end.  This wishy washy playing makes no sense this late in the game.  For the record, I believe the right play this week for Jeff would be to get rid of Natalie.  Then Russ.  Then Kevin.  This week you get an insurmountable lead in the numbers.  Next week you take out the challenge threat.  And you leave the least imposing challenge threat for last.  I know some may argue that Kev is a bigger threat in the comps than Nat, but don't forget that first endurance competition.  That said, with Kevin nominated this week, Jeff has now earned the title of the last houseguest to be nominated this season.  That is a really big accomplishment...congrats to him (even if he was aided greatly by the cliques twist and the Coup)!  I wonder if Jeff would be as popular as he is in another season or if a lot of his popularity stems from being the alternative to the most hated alliance in BB history?  Jeff is not that dissimilar from players like BB8's Mike, BB3's Eric, and BB5's Drew, none of who were particularly popular.  Before you throw rocks at me and yell about how amazing he is, I'm not saying he shouldn't be popular or that I'm not rooting for him, I'm just debating the origin of his popularity.  Also, major props to Jordan for winning HoH and PoV this week.  They should have never underestimated her...big mistake.


I must say that Nat and Kevin have done a great job fighting for their lives.  Kudos to them.  But I still think that this game is Michele's to lose, with a Michele/Jordan final 2 being a distinct possibility.  One of Nat/Kevin/Russ are going home this week.  If any of those 3 ever wins HoH, Jeff is the likely target.  There are only so many eliminations left.  So in this equation, when and how are Michele and Jordan getting axed?  At least one of them will be in the final 2 for certain, if not both.  With that in mind, let's hit the flashback feature.


Flashback to Earlier Thoughts on Jordan:


Week 1 - "Do not sleep on Jordan.  She doesn't know the game well at all, she is too trusting, she is not cutthroat, etc....yet in this dynamic, that may be just what the doctor ordered.  Who is going to spend their HoH week on eliminating Jordan?  She is a sweetheart and she's not a threat.  She very well may watch people fight right over her head for weeks before they ever look her way.  By simply skating that far into the game, anything can happen.  Do I expect her to win?  No.  But do I expect her to be around to a long time?  Absolutely."


Flashback to Earlier Thoughts on Michele:


Week 1 - "Let me declare Michele as the front-runner.  I am jumping right on (her) bandwagon.  In her pre-show interviews, Michele described herself as a female me.  Need I say more?  She combines intelligence with a goofiness that will help disarm her opponents.  While she's busy bonding with them over sex talk, they will underestimate her game.  She hasn't made any early moves, isn't over aggressive, is under the radar, and is very capable of making a move when the time comes.  Plus, the "have not" lifestyle resulted in Chima having a meltdown and Ronnie was also on the fritz, whereas Michele didn't show a single sign of wear and tear.  She is my definitive selection for this season's best player to date."


Can Michele win a final vote?  Well, it's going to be tight.  But the one person that she definitively beats every time is Jordan (which is why I suspect Michele will want to go to the end with her).  People want to feel as if they lost to a worthy competitor, so they will not want to partake in a season in which Jordan is the winner.  Everyone else would be a VERY close vote for Michele and America may prove to be the deciding vote of BB11 thanks to Chima.  How interesting would that be? 


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