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Megan Wants A Millionaire, Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 08/18/2009 by Jackie in Megan Wants A Millionaire

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Megan Wants A Millionaire

By Jackie Helm


This week Megan challenged the men to make a billion dollar business plan for her Chihuahua Lily!  Four teams of three were formed and the boys put their thinking caps on tight.  There were definitely a few underdogs when it came to the business game.  Wrestler Matt was clueless on creating spreadsheets and Trust Fund Baby Joe was as green he is on everything else…besides drinking.


The guys had great ideas but the gourmet dog food line won Megan’s vote!  This winning team consisted of sexy Ryan, savvy David and *sigh*...Trust Fund Baby Joe.  I just can’t get that nasty kiss of his off my mind from the last episode.  Anyway, due to Ryan being the team leader, he got a private date with Meg.  David and Joe had to share a date the following day.


First, Niles consulted Ryan on a gift for his date.  He agreed to Niles suggestion which was renting an Aston Martin for $1,500 and a forking over $200 for dinner at a fabulous French restaurant in LA.  Ryan seemed to base his connection with Megan on the fact that they are both “hot”.  Megan loves his hotness and enjoyed the date, but the real vibe seems to be slow coming.


Before their double date, Niles met with Dave and Joe to suggest their gifts for Megan.  Dave chose to buy her a $351 watch and Joe got her the $470 locket (with her and Lily’s pictures in it.)  During the entire date (wine tasting in a vineyard) Dave bragged about his beautiful loft, the Mercedes he just bought and how he should have got a manicure before he left.  Megan felt this was a “bit much” and ventured off to learn more about Joe.  During their time alone, Megan found that Joe IS just a Trust Fund Baby.  He doesn’t work with his family and doesn’t seem to have the desire to do so.  The only thing she left impressed with was the gifts from both gents.


Back at the house, Matt made a sad attempt to connect with Megan by teaching her to wrestle.  But the girl had a few moves of her own and put a lady-like smack down on him.  Some alone time followed and unfortunately didn’t fare too well for Matt. He said that he pictured Megan as a “valet” or ring girl and the two of them could take over taking over the pro-wrestling world!


Millionaire Pro-Wrestler Matt

Millionaire Pro-Wrestler Matt


At eliminations, Megan said that didn’t feel she and Matt had the same “goals”.  Seriously Matt – a ring girl?  Sadly, Matt’s heart was broke as he later interviewed that, “Megan thought she was smarter than Arkansas” and went on to explain the many successful things that have come out of Arkansas besides him such as Wal-Mart, Bill Clinton and rice.  Suck it up Matt.


Fortunately for us, we don’t have to suffer through anymore kisses from Trust Fund Baby Megan said he was just a friend and cut his credit card in half.  Surprisingly he took it like a man and hopefully he will go home and continue to grow into one.


Finally out with the duds!  Megan often purrs the names of Corey and Punisher as though she wants more of them, so please, for our sake – bring on the studs!  Next week the men compete in duels!


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Photos Courtesy of VH1


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