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Megan Wants A Millionaire, Episode 2 Recap

Posted on 08/12/2009 by Jackie in Megan Wants A Millionaire

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Megan Wants A Millionaire


by Jackie Helm


This week, on Megan Wants A Millionaire, Megan turned this episode into Valentines Day!  She challenged the men to adorn her with Valentines Day gifts.  Her three favorite gift givers got a personal date where she’ll receive even more gifts.  If Megan doesn’t wind up with any of these men, she’s going to make out like a bandit.  Brilliant!


The V-day gifts ranged as far and as wide as the men who are vying for her hand.  Francisco served Megan a hot homemade cuisine wearing only boxer briefs and an apron.  Al had to step it up after the big wine spill.  He wrote Megan a check for a spa in LA that will allow her $8,000 worth of plastic surgery.  She said that although some women may be offended, she loved it!  As expected, Punisher performed his advanced lap dance routine.  TJ, (CEO of Johnny Love Vodka) caught a chance to advertise, as his gift was…a bottle of his vodka.



Shaun had Megan eat sushi off of his half naked body.  I didn’t think she was feeling it, but he wound up being one of the winners!  Big Mike won as well due to Lloyd Klein (his fashion designer friend) delivering a fab-o dress for Megan.  And of course, Al’s 8K plastic package captured Megan’s greed…err heart and he was the 3rd winner.




The oddest gift of all was Garth’s performance of his own song, “Love Mode”.  He rocked out while grabbing himself which made it appear that he had something halfway down his leg.  “Grab my stick and shift right into Sex Mode”.  PUKE.  Megan did all she could to play off a sweet smile.  Her girls sat on the sideline laughing hysterically AT him!  Later, Garth made a personal visit to Megan’s room.  He whined about her not feeling the song he took two years to create “just for her”.  Megan had to spell it out that her idea of romance was not his Sex Mode song.  Garth then began to sing the song softly while caressing Megan’s arm.  PUKE.  She faked it as long as she could and then Garth finally seemed to catch on to the innuendo ridicule he was under.  He called his boy to come pick him up.  Then he approached Megan telling her that he was outty 5K and that she wasn’t the girl for him. Megan flipped the script and put his tail in place.  She told him to suck it up, be a competitor and be thankful he was there!  So, he stayed.


Competition winners Big Mike, Al and Shaun met with narrator and host, Nile.  He displayed a list of three items that Megan would like to be given on the groups ski date.  Big Mike had a better plan and passed.  Al and Shaun agreed to go in on all three and split the cost.  Al whipped out a fat wad while Shaun’s credit card got declined.  Shaun was naturally embarrassed and promised Al he would pay him back once he settled his money matters.


Megan moved on to the lovely ski date with Big Mike, Al and Shaun.  Al strategically gave Megan all three gifts without ever mentioning that he and Shaun went half.  But, Shaun never spoke up either.  As usual Megan ooooh’d and awww’d and was also happy with the designer gloves that Big Mike had delivered to the resort.  Bodyguards must make bank, because Big Mike is on a roll here!  During their alone time, Al pulled a buster move and snitched on Shaun for his declined credit card.  When Megan confronted Shaun, he was hardly his best defense attorney.


Elimination time!  Let’s get rid of some of these yayhoos Megan!  Garth was called to the stand and Megan told him that he was lucky to be there.  Garth looked at her and said, “You too”.  Gasp!  The nerve of that nerd!  SNAP!  She cut his card in half and I was hoping the door would hit him where the good Lord split him!  Megan revealed that she convinced Garth to stay because, "it was her house and he was going to leave on her terms”!




Corny trust fund baby Joe was next.  Megan explained that she felt more of a friendship with him.  But naturally Joe wanted to stay and said that he would step it up.  He started by opening his mouth wide and long and disgusted the nation with a nasty kiss.  Even the other gentlemen were squeamish at the sight.  Megan apparently considered this move, “stepping it up” and she let Joe stay.  Ugh.


Lastly, Megan told Shaun that it wasn’t that his CC was declined…it was the way he handled it.  She needs a strong man who will stick up for himself.  Wimps need not apply!



Megan Wants A Millionaire airs Sunday nights at 9pm ET on VH1.


(Images courtesy of VH1)



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